Best States for Retirement in 2022- Arizona atop list again
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Best States for Retirement in 2022- Arizona atop list again

Best States for Retirement in 2022- Arizona atop list again

Choosing the best state for retirement requires careful consideration of the financial, health and social impacts on your life. You’ll want to balance affordability and health care with the quality of life, social groups and available activities.

We gathered and analyzed the data most critical to retirees in all 50 states. We surveyed our readers, and their opinions are reflected in the RL Rating for each state. Then we crunched the numbers to find the best and worst states for retirement in 2022.

10 Best States for Retirement

We gathered data on housing costs, state taxes, health care availability and quality of living specifically affecting retirees. Finally, we took a look at data for all 50 states, including the:

• Percentage of the population over age 65

• Affordability index, taking median income and home prices into consideration

• Available parkland, a strong indicator of opportunities for activities

• Retirement Living (RL) rating scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being highest

We parsed the data to find the 10 best retirement destinations and 10 worst states for senior living. You’ll find those states listed below with the pros and cons of each. We recommend consulting with a financial planner before retiring to another state.


Arizona rose from the ninth spot last year to the third-best state for retirement for 2022. The state offers affordable living and a warm, dry climate that draws many retirees. The typical Arizona retirement community is established on a golf course and includes a gym and pool.

From Our Readers:

“Weather, low property taxes, lots of other seniors, beautiful landscape.”

“Don’t have to shovel snow”

“Overall cost of living is low plus no state tax in SSN and Military pension.”

Arizona is one of the few states where you can go skiing and swim outside on the same day.

Activities include civic events, art fairs, skiing, golf, biking and hiking. Whether you walk or drive, you can visit beautiful landscapes from the mountains to the Grand Canyon.

Property taxes are reasonable, although there is a tax on retirement income. If you’re uncomfortable with high temperatures, you may want to consider another state. The overall state crime rate is down, but you should look into a home security system if you live in the city.