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Aging in Place: Growing Older at Home

The stairs are getting so hard to climb.

"Since my wife died, I just open a can of soup for dinner.

"I've lived here 40 years. No other place will seem like home.

These are common issues for older people. You may share the often-heard wish—"I want to stay in my own home!" The good news is that with the right help you might be able to do just that. Staying in your own home as you get older is called "aging in place." This article contains suggestions to help you find the help you need to continue to live independently. 

How to Plan Ahead to Age in Place

How to Plan Ahead to Age in Place

Planning ahead is hard because you never know how your needs might change. The first step is to think about the kinds of help you might want in the near future. Maybe you live alone, so there is no one living in your home who is available to help you. Maybe you don't need help right now, but you live with a spouse or family member who does. Everyone has a different situation.

One way to begin planning is to look at any illnesses, like diabetes or emphysema, that you or your spouse might have. Talk with your doctor about how these health problems could make it hard for someone to get around or take care of him- or herself in the future. If you're a caregiver for an older adult, learn how you can get them the support they need to stay in their own home.

Senior Helpers LIFE Profile

The type of care your loved one needs should be tailored to their individual situation. At Senior Helpers Scottsdale, we use a specialized data-driven assessment tool called the LIFE Profile to evaluate your loved one’s specific needs. LIFE stands for Live, Independence, Function, and Evaluation. It utilizes over 15 years of research to help identify risk factors that are preventing your senior loved one from aging well in their own home.

The profile evaluates:

  • Safety
  • Independence
  • Medical condition management
  • Burden of Care
  • Quality of Life

With this information we will be able to develop a personalized Senior Helpers SmartCare Plan. This is an actionable plan that will help you and our team provide care that is tailored to your loved one’s specific needs. It will also help provide day-to-day direction to caregivers. The plan measures progress and adjusts as your senior’s needs change over time.

When mom and dad can no longer live alone, it is important to get support through this challenging time to make the best decision for everyone. At Senior Helpers Scottsdale we are committed to creating a personalized, actionable, and sustainable plan of care for you and your loved one. Get in touch today to begin your LIFE Assessment. ​