7 Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping at Local Supermarkets
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Serving Tempe and the Surrounding Areas
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7 Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping at Local Supermarkets

For seniors, grocery shopping can be a difficult and challenging task. Understanding how to make and stick to a budget, approach the grocery store's layout, and save money utilizing coupons and in-store discounts can feel overwhelming. However, when your senior is armed with the right tips and strategies, the sky's the limit! Read on for more on how to shop savvy, from Senior Helpers Tempe. 

1. Set a Budget and Prioritize Grocery Items

One of the best ways to control your grocery spending is by first determining how much money you are willing to spend each month. This way, you can focus on buying the necessary items that fit into this budget before putting extra items in the cart.

2. Track Your Spending

After setting a budget, it's also important to track your expenses and spending habits. This goes for anything from groceries to bills and everyday purchases. Establishing an up-to-date record of what you've bought and at which store helps create a clear picture of where your money is being spent.

3. Begin With a List

A shopping list isn't just handy, it's an essential tool to have. Creating a grocery list before you head to the store helps you stay on budget. It also limits any impulse buys that can be easy to make while wandering the aisles of the store.

4. Shop the Perimeter

Visiting local markets can feel like a treasure hunt, but sticking to the outer edges of each store will save both time and money. This is because the perimeter usually houses fresh produce, meats, dairy, and other healthy items such as nuts & grains. Avoiding salty, sugary foods in the middle aisles keeps unhealthy snacks out of sight!

5. Buy Certain Items in Bulk

Buying large sizes or larger packages than needed might seem risky at first, but stocking up on certain items like dried pasta, flour, or toilet paper makes them more cost-effective in the long run. There are many discounts available at local stores like Fry's, Sprout's, or Safeway - make sure to take advantage! 

6. Compare Prices

Don't always opt for name-brand grocery items due to convenience; opting for the generic brand can help keep costs low throughout each month without sacrificing quality. Often, generic brands come with equal nutritional value even though they might not be packaged as attractively. Don't be tempted away by sleek designs alone! 

7. Use Coupons When Available

Grocery loyalty programs (like Safeway's Safeway For U program) offer exclusive coupons tailored specifically towards customers, which is a great way to save some pennies. Some stores even offer "senior discount days" – at Safeway and Fry's, for example, seniors can take advantage of 10% off their groceries on the first Wednesday of every month.

Senior Helpers Tempe Can Help Your Senior Stay on Track

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task for seniors, but with the right tips, you can make smart decisions when it comes to shopping. Whether it's creating a budget or taking advantage of discounts, these suggestions will help you stay healthy while managing costs. Our in-home caregivers can help your senior in Tempe, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Chandler, South Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Arcadia, Biltmore, Laveen, Sun Lakes, Queen Creek, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Casa Grande, and Maricopa with their shopping, meal preparation, and more. Contact us today to learn more. Happy shopping!