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Serving Greenwood and surrounding areas.
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Serving Greenwood and surrounding areas.
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This is Me - I’m a Caregiver

Caregivers are an important and crucial part of the life of a senior, whether they are working in that senior's home or in a nursing facility. Caregivers serve a wide variety of roles for the seniors they care for, from providing care to just being a friend. Giving seniors someone to talk to is often an underrepresented part of a caregiver's job, but one that goes a long way for the wellbeing of the clients they serve. Ultimately, caregivers serve a purpose in the lives of the seniors they care for. Caregivers can be family members, friends, and certified nursing assistants that find a career from taking care of others. All are equally important and should be recognized for the work they do. At the end of the day, they are angels of hope for those who need them the most.

A great caregiver has empathy. Having empathy allows them to connect with seniors and give them the quality of care that they deserve. It allows them to get into their world, especially if memory care is involved, and engage with them in meaningful ways. Caregivers often have some of the hardest jobs, because they are there for every moment, including the hard ones. But, at the same time, caregivers describe it as some of the best moments that they have in their life. Making a difference in someone else's life gives purpose to many caregivers. Caregivers allow seniors to continue having as much independence as possible, while offering a caring, helping hand when needed.

In a time of social isolation for many seniors, caregivers are a bright light in their day. For any individual, social needs are a fundamental part of life, and seniors are no different. They need social interaction from people who care about them and will listen to them. Caregivers give an ear that they need so they can relive memories and make new ones all at the same time. Seniors often have the best stories to tell, if only we listen.