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Serving Warren and the surrounding areas.
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Senior Care - Ways to Ensure Seniors Have Enough Light Indoors

Providing in-home senior care comes with many challenges. Not only do we look after the physical, emotional, and relational well-being of our seniors, but we're always looking for ways to help them flourish. One way to do just that is to make sure our seniors have enough light to see while indoors.

Though it sounds like a simple process, to do this job well, we must understand why seniors need so much light.

Why Seniors Need Plenty of Light

Just as with the rest of our bodies, our eyes change as we age. Our lenses stiffen and cloud. We may develop cataracts, and our pupils actually change sizes.

The pupil becomes smaller and less responsive to changes in light. That's why people in their 60s need 3 times more light for comfortable reading than those in their 20s. Smaller pupils make it more difficult to see at night. (News in Health)

This is why our elders generally need more light to see than we do, especially while inside.

If we're going to be sure our seniors have all the light they need to be safe and happy indoors, we're going to need to take some proactive steps.

3 Ways to Ensure Our Seniors Have Enough Light Indoors

Fortunately, with just a bit of forward planning, it's easy to make sure our seniors have enough light indoors.

Maximize Natural Light

While this may seem like common sense, it's amazing how many of us overlook it.

  • Replace dark, heavy drapes with sheer curtains and easy-to-open blinds
  • Move tall, heavy furniture away from windows to allow light a more natural pathway
  • Keep windowpanes clean and clear

There's one more good step that may not be possible in every home or apartment: installing skylights in large, well-used rooms can allow up to five times the amount of natural light normally in the room. 

Add Dimming Controls

For our seniors, sometimes needing light is not just a matter of "off" and "on." It's about needing different levels of light throughout the day for various tasks. Making light switches accessible and equipping them with dimming controls allows our seniors to decide for themselves exactly how much light they need and when.

Consider Focused Lighting

While you'll need to improve brightness in all rooms overall, there are certain areas that require extra attention.

Observe your seniors' habits. Note where they like to sit while they accomplish basic tasks. 

  • Letter-writing at the desk? Add a bright desk lamp.
  • Afternoon reading in the wing-back chair? Add a reading light with the switch in easy reach while sitting. 
  • Eating dinner at the counter instead of the kitchen table? Install a pendant light over their favorite spot.

This sort of thoughtful approach can do wonders to ensure our quality of senior care and make sure each senior has enough light to thrive. 

Contact Senior Helpers

Here at Senior Helpers, we care about the quality of our seniors' daily lives. To hear more about our trusted senior care services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We are proud to serve Warren County, Russell, Youngsville, and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Senior Care -  Ways to Ensure Seniors Have Enough Light Indoors