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Serving Warren and the surrounding areas.
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5 Inspiring Seniors Keeping Our World in Motion

5 Inspiring Seniors Keeping Our World in Motion

While we often give seniors credit for the work they've done to secure a bright future for us all, it's also important to focus on the work they're doing now. 

Today, we’re going to focus on inspiring seniors and their relevance in modern-day America.

The Important Role That Seniors Play in Society

People over the age of 50 are some of the most creative and innovative people in society. With fearless abandon, these five inspiring seniors have changed the face of multiple industries. And, they continue to impress us with their life experiences, wisdom, and intellectual capabilities.

1) Ernestine Shepherd

Ernestine chose to pursue bodybuilding at the age of 56 after a quiet life as a secretary. Her unique drive to fight for the life she'd never had gives us courage. 

Now, at 79 years old, she's created an exercise empire. If you ask, she describes herself as the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled she's ever been in her life. Her mission? To empower women to feel confident in the bodies they were given and to continue to pursue their dreams with passion.

2) Angie Higa

When her daughter was deployed to Afghanistan, Angie Higa put her day job aside to care for her grandchildren. Spending time with them inspired her to pursue the hobbies she had once been so passionate about. 

Her company, Sky Dreams LLC, is focused on providing products for travelers and people on-the-go. The creator of foldable blankets that convert into bags, Angie Higa now has an entire collection of blankets, bags, accessories, and even masks! 

Her "Giving Back" project began at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. In March 2020, she used her stockpile of fabric to make masks for medical professionals and first responders in her community and around the world. To date, she has given away 2,455 free masks. 

Most inspiringly, Angie achieved her project goals while babysitting her two-year-old granddaughter full-time.

3) Young @ Heart Chorus

This organization is staffed by seniors from all over the United States. After 38 years of experience (and hopefully, more to come), this group of lively, talented seniors continues to touch hearts across America. 

The group regularly holds benefit concerts and has even released several albums. 

With an emphasis on multicultural, intergenerational relationships, Young@Heart Chorus wants to inspire everyone to live life to the fullest. 

4) Reed Hastings

It would be impossible not to mention Reed’s name on this list. Not only is Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix, a staple in the quarantine survival kit, but he has also been involved in various organizations that support education reform. 

Around the age of 47, Hastings chose to take a leap of faith. He moved Netflix into the world of streaming in 2007. The move was incredibly successful, and Hastings went on to invest some of the proceeds in education.

He founded the "Hastings Foundation," which uses its funds to support organizations like the "United Negro College Fund" and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. The goal is to provide college scholarships to underprivileged black and Latino youth.

5) Judy Cockerton

Our final inspirational senior is Judy Cockerton, who has been at the center of foster care reform for years. At the age of 51, Judy chose to sell her successful specialty toy stores to start a foundation and focus solely on foster care reform. 

Now, at 71, her foundation is a legendary force for good. Through her Treehouse Foundation, Judy has built four separate housing communities, with more on the way. These communities provide permanent housing for foster children who haven’t yet been adopted.

Her mission is clear: "The intergenerational Treehouse Community is a planned neighborhood where adoptive families and their children, older youth, and elders invest in one another's health, dreams, and futures."

Senior Helpers of Warren

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