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Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.
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3 Ways Technology Has Improved Senior Care

Advancements in technology have increased our quality of life across the board and one area that has especially benefited from advancements in technology is healthcare. That's why it's no surprise that technology has improved the field of senior care. In this article we're going to list the top 3 ways technology and senior care go hand in hand. 

Telehealth Services:

A trip to the doctor's office often comes with stress and inconvenience as it often involves long waits, the risk of catching a new infection, and long commutes to the doctor's office. This is especially true for the elderly generation because traveling is often much more difficult and the risk of catching an infection is also a lot more dangerous. Furthermore, seniors often require a family member or caretaker to help bring them to the doctor's office which could cost money or mean taking time off of work.

Telehealth is a great technological advancement to the health field which allows patients to access their doctors and get prescriptions prescribed from the comfort of their home. Taking advantage of video conferencing, Telehealth services allow patients to have check-ups with their physicians without the hassle, time, and money taking a trip to the doctor's office would require. It is especially helpful for appointments to get prescriptions prescribed or to treat colds and other conditions that don't require a face-to-face examination by a physician.

Video Calls:

Do you live far away from your elderly parents or spend long hours at work? Not being able to spend time with your parents can be hard for you and them. The companionship services like those provided by Senior Helpers really go a long way in helping seniors to stay engaged, active and social however there is no substitute from being able to see, talk, and interact with family. That’s why Senior Helpers caregivers in Charlotte are available to help set up regular video calls for our clients.

Video calls on FaceTime and Skype help families that live apart stay close allowing you to see and speak to your elderly loved ones when you can't be there. With the advancement in technology, video calls are often high quality and a lot easier to use- making this the perfect way to communicate with your elderly loved ones when you can't be there. Whether you're across the country or in a country across the world, video calling your elderly loved ones will certainly brighten their day.

Remote Monitoring

It is hard not to worry if your elderly loved ones are safe and healthy at all times- especially when you can't be there. Whether it's the safety of their homes or their health, it can be hard to feel a sense of safety when your elderly loved ones are living independently. Advancements in technology, however, have allowed you to make sure your elderly loved ones are always safe with technology like Emergency Response Systems and remote medical monitoring.

Emergency Response Systems like Life Alert and GreatCall 5 Star Urgent Care allow your elderly loved ones to contact emergency services with the touch of a button if they require medical assistance or feel unsafe. Using GPS, their services will be able to locate your elderly loved ones wherever they are and provide them with the assistance they need. In addition to this, remote medical monitoring services like GrandCare Systems offer multipurpose systems that allow you to monitor your elderly loved one's medical readings (including glucose, blood pressure, oxygen, and weight) remotely.

Senior Helpers Is Here To Help

As you can see, technology and senior care work well together. If you have elderly loved ones who live in or around Charlotte, NC in Mecklenburg County or Gaston County, Senior Helpers wants to help you keep them safe, healthy, and happy. With over 12 years of experience providing compassionate, personalized care to seniors living in areas around Charlotte, NC, our mission is to improve the quality of life of your elderly loved ones and help them enjoy independent living.

Whether you want your elderly loved one to receive Companion Care, Live-in Care, Personal Care, or any of our other services, Senior Helper's staff will foster meaningful relationships with your loved ones while meeting their individual needs. With some of our services even offering around the clock care, we can help take care of your elderly loved one regardless of the time or day of the week. Contact us today, so we can help you make your elderly loved one's life healthier, safer, and happier.