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How to Build a Healthy Breakfast for Seniors

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day..." the adage says, and actually, that just might be true. Having a healthy breakfast can help keep you from overeating throughout the rest of your day. It can also help keep you from binging on foods that are not good for you like snack foods and chocolates.

Seniors in the Charlotte area will be nourished and healthy as they age in place when they eat a healthy breakfast to start their day. A healthy breakfast is part of a healthy, balanced diet. Moreover, a healthy breakfast will give you the energy to start your day. And it will help you get in your essential nutrients, which can help you start every day off right.

The real question is: what exactly does a healthy breakfast look like for a senior?

The following are the key components of a healthy breakfast for a senior who wishes to age in place in the Charlotte area:

Build on Protein

Starting with an option that is rich in protein can help keep seniors remain full for a longer period after they eat breakfast. There are a variety of protein-rich options available to seniors. Some excellent choices include eggs, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt. If you are looking to add some starch to your meal, you can use protein-rich basics like quinoa or black beans as an ingredient for your breakfast. 

It's recommended that you try to aim for 15 grams or more of protein in your morning meal. This is enough protein to keep you satiated for several hours, which is likely to help stop you from binging later in the morning both before lunch and throughout the day.

Add Some Fats

Your breakfast should also contain a moderate amount of fats which would be about 100–200 calories worth. Fats can be found in foods like whole eggs as well as in foods like fatty fish (many people like salmon for breakfast), nuts, chia seeds, or avocados to name a few. Pay attention to portion sizes or you could easily over-consume healthy fats which can unintentionally pack on the pounds. 

Consider Adding Fruits

Fruit can be a great addition to a healthy breakfast as well. Eating a whole piece of fruit is generally a better option than drinking a juice that has more added sugar and calories. A great option is something like a banana, orange, apple, pear, or whatever fruit you enjoy. Further, a whole piece of fruit can give you additional vitamins and nutrients as well as add fiber to your morning meal.

Possibly Pick a Carbohydrate

Whole grains are your best option when it comes to carbohydrates. Something like a whole wheat piece of bread, a biscuit, or a bagel can make a great addition to your breakfast if you choose to add carbs to your morning meal. One to two servings of whole grains would be adequate for breakfast for most seniors.

Choose Beverages Wisely

Drinking water with breakfast is always an option. Low-fat milk or an alternative, like almond or coconut milk, is another good choice. Black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar used sparingly would also be a good choice. Avoid sugary fruit juices or pops on most days as they provide little nutritional value and can pack in the sugar and the calories.

What Should the Calorie Count of My Breakfast Be?

The calorie count of your breakfast will vary depending on your activity level and daily caloric needs. The average breakfast is recommended to be between 300 and 400 calories. It's a good amount of food to get you started for a day and will fill you up, without leaving you few or no calories to enjoy eating later on in your day.


Enjoy a balanced breakfast and you will enjoy the benefits of feeling full and satisfied till lunchtime. A healthy breakfast can help you enjoy the full health benefits of aging in place whether you live in Charlotte, Matthews, or Mint Hill. When you eat a balanced breakfast, you will also enjoy the benefits of not being tempted to snack all morning as you would be if you skipped the most important meal of the day entirely.