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Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.
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Taking the step to hire a home care service for yourself or your loved one can be a difficult decision for everyone involved. You and your loved one may worry that hiring a caregiver means that independence is slipping away.

Choosing a professional senior homecare service can actually help a senior maintain or even regain his or her independence. Having a caregiver there to help with things most of us take for granted like help with getting out of bed and help getting dressed may be all that's needed to help a senior start back doing some of the things they used to. Home care services help clients engage with their community, participate in leisure activities, and remain safe in their homes. Home care services do not have to be medically-focused, but can include companion care and personal care to help clients complete daily activities with ease. In many ways home care providers prolong the independence of seniors and improve their quality of life.

Physical Activity

Having the help of a home caregiver can significantly increase the ability and motivation of seniors to engage in physical activities like walking, stretching, and community activities like grocery shopping. The benefits of physical activity in seniors have been widely reported by organizations like the CDC, with even greater benefits being found the more we age. Immediate benefits can include weight management, increased mobility, and even improved brain health. Engaging in regular physical activity can help prolong the ability to complete daily tasks and stay active in the community.

Mental Stimulation

Some common services provided by companion care caregivers include help with hobbies, scrapbooking and games, companionship, and conversation. These activities can help increase mental stimulation and keep seniors actively engaged in their favorite activities. Personal and companion caregivers can also help with continued involvement in favorite community outings such as attending church, going to the movies, taking animals for walks, and enjoying dining out. Playing cards or preferred games is another favorite pasttime of personal caregivers, which can provide further mental stimulation for seniors. Learning certain new skills such as quilting or photography has also been shown to have strong effects on memory improvement and cognitive health.


Even just the interaction with a familiar and comfortable caregiver can provide seniors with social interaction that is necessary to maintain good mental health and independence. In addition, numerous studies have shown that face-to-face interaction greatly reduces the risk of depression and anxiety, which can be a major concern during the aging process. Caregivers can also help to provide transportation and assistance with attending community social activities so that seniors can remain connected to their peer groups and continue to participate in many of the engagements they have come to love and enjoy.

Daily Living Assistance

Home caregivers can help with the completion of small daily living tasks such as light housekeeping, house maintenance, transportation to and from appointments, and meal prep. Assistance with these daily chores helps to alleviate stress on seniors and enables them to remain independent in their homes longer without having to neglect daily needs.

Home care can be extended around-the-clock up to 24-hours or for overnight stays. Being flexible with the hours needed is one of the ways Senior Helpers helps seniors continue to live in their own homes independently. Care can also include assistance with bathing, morning care, and other personal hygiene tasks that become more difficult as a person ages. Caregivers offset the burden of these tasks so seniors save their physical and mental energy for more enjoyable activities throughout the day.

Personalized Care

While personal care and companion care are a large part of home care services, personalized care for certain medical diagnoses can also be provided in the home.  This care can help with symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other common diagnoses that are often prevalent in seniors. These types of care can not only aid seniors directly, but can also help provide relief for family caregivers who may be feeling overwhelmed by the need to care for their loved one. Home care services directly catered to these circumstances can improve the quality of life in seniors suffering from these diagnoses, including allowing them to remain independent in their homes.

Choosing to hire a home care agency is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Seniors and their loved ones need to feel comfortable and confident in the idea that home care is the right decision for them. In North Carolina, Senior Helpers is an agency dedicated to providing compassionate care that is tailored to your specific needs. We are always available to talk about if home care services are right for you and your family, and to see how we can help as you gently navigate the waters of the aging process.