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Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.
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Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.
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Finding Your New Favorite Vegetarian Snacks with ZenB

Many doctors are recommending a plant-based diet for seniors who need to lower their risk of many health ailments. Seniors in Charlotte who routinely experience problems with things like high blood pressure, heart issues, high cholesterol, and more may benefit from a plant-based diet. However, just because food is advertised as "plant-based" doesn't necessarily mean that it's doing any favors for your long-term health. Finding the "good" and "bad" plant-based foods out there can seem like quite a guessing game. More and more products are advertised as "healthy" and "plant-based" now than ever before. That's where ZenB comes in.

ZenB provides subscribers with a line of their own delicious, wholesome snacks. Allowing you to enjoy proportioned amounts of food without worrying about overeating or eating things that are harming your health.

What is Unique About ZenB?

ZenB offers subscribers a line of healthy snacks that use the entire plant to make healthy snacks. The goal of ZenB is to eliminate waste by using the entire plant, including the stems, skins, as well as seeds. ZenB combines vegetables and a hint of fruit to make delicious snacks that you will love. Snacks come in a variety of vegetable flavors such as beets, red peppers, corn, carrot, squash, etc. 

You can choose from different treats like veggie bars, veggie sticks, and veggie bites. Each snack contains at least one whole cup of vegetables. So you can feel good about what you are putting into your body.

Finally, the packaging for all of ZenB's snacks is also made from recycled materials. So you are helping save the environment while enjoying your delicious veggie snacks. You can order packs of your favorite snacks or a variety pack. Create your subscription box that comes with only the snacks that you like the most! 

How Many Calories are in These Snacks?

Your ZenB snacks will average 150 to 180 calories per snack. This fits the average recommendation of 150 to 200 calories to be a snack to keep their weight and health in check. ZenB's snacks are made with as many organic ingredients! ZenB snacks are also low in sodium (under 10% of your daily value). And pack in plenty of nutrients such as fiber and protein. All without the additives and fake ingredients that you want to avoid. 

You will also find other vitamins and nutrients in ZenB's snacks. Such as calcium, potassium, and iron to name a few. 

Not only are you keeping your calorie totals in check, but you are nourishing your body with vitamins and minerals as well. 

Order ZenB Snacks a Few at a Time or En Masse:

If you just want a few snacks at a time, ZenB offers boxes of 6 snacks for purchase. However, if you find the snacks that you love and wish to order a snack box en masse, you can order boxes of 25 snacks (single flavor or variety packs) as well. If you just want a few snacks at a time, no problem! That ensures that you can stock up on your favorites and never run out of your go-to snacks in the future! 

No matter how you want to snack, ZenB has a snack pack that will meet your needs and fit your snacking style! Take pride in nourishing your body with healthy snacks that help you reach your health goals! For more information on healthy snack options as you age in place in Charlotte, visit our website today!


Finding Your New Favorite Vegetarian Snacks with ZenB