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Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas.
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Assemble the Perfect Senior Summer Care Package

Assemble the Perfect Senior Summer Care Package

It's important to stay connected to your senior loved one throughout the year, and summer is no exception. Despite the fact that recent travel restrictions and social distancing protocols may have added a wrinkle to your summer plans, you don't have to live close to share some fun with your loved one this season. Assembling a spectacular summer care package is one way that you can let your family member know that they are on your mind this summer and always.

Fun in the Sun

Why not kick off your care package with some summer classics? Sunscreen, sunglasses, a cushy beach towel, and plastic tumblers are small gifts that are light to ship and pack plenty of seasonal punch. Following the soak-up-the-sun theme, a bird feeder, wind chimes, and gardening gloves are other trinkets that can encourage your loved one to get outside, embrace the warm weather, and make the most of this summer season.

Kick Back and Relax

If your loved one is more indoor-inclined, ship out the tools for a leisurely afternoon inside. Large-print novels, jigsaw puzzles, and sudoku or crossword books are all great choices for an afternoon of indoor unwinding. Adult coloring books, stationery, and a journal are other items that encourage thoughtful reflection. Further the idea of at-home relaxation by including items for a home-based spa day like scented soaps, lotions, flameless candles, and bubble bath. Or, set the stage for a summer film fest by sending a few DVDs or Netflix access, packages of popcorn, and a theater treat—bonus points if you can source your loved one's favorite vintage candy!

Seasonal Bites

Help your loved one bite into the season by incorporating treats that are specific to summer. Berries, apricots, and peaches are great seasonal picks, and dried fruit platters make perfect picnic snacks that are also easy to ship. Or, if your loved one enjoys time in the kitchen, include a cookbook that is centered around fresh, seasonal ingredients or tuck in a few handwritten recipe cards of your own favorite summer dishes.


Be sure to cap off your summer care package with a note describing each item and why you chose to include it. Then, set up a time for a phone call to check in and see how your loved one is putting their summer treats to use.

Even if you can't physically be with your loved one this summer, they don't have to spend the season alone. Partnering with a professional senior companion for 24-hour home care is a great way to ensure your loved one is looked after and kept safe during the summer months and all year long. Senior Helpers Charlotte offers a comprehensive suite of programs and services to seniors living in Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill, and surrounding areas. For more information about our in-home services, contact us today.