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Serving Silver Spring and surrounding areas.
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Serving Silver Spring and surrounding areas.
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Senior Helpers Acknowledges the Great Contributions of Our Caregivers

We have a client who is nonverbal from the side effects of a stroke. We’ve cared for him for over 4 years.  We provide am and pm services so that he can remain independent. Our client’s caregiver has been a steady advocate since he has no children and his entire family live out of state.  She went to his home and did his laundry and found that the basement was flooded because of the hurricane remnants that passed through Maryland.  The caregiver had made several calls to his family to arrange for them to get someone to our client’s home to address the flooding. She coordinated with our other caregiver so that someone would be present in the house while the work was being done. 

In addition, we have another client we helped this summer who moved from out of state. He has a progressive degenerative disease and was discharged from a hospital to a new independent apartment attached to family quarters. During our first meeting, we gave the client three medical referrals for his new care, a list of home adaptive that would enable him to be successful at home and arranged a caregiver to assist him while his family members were at work. 

Also, several years ago, I walked into another client’s home and smelled gas.  The client had dementia and did not know that the smell was gas and that the gas was dangerous.  I immediately called the family who got a gas plumber out that day.  She had several pinhole leaks in a pipe where she had recent gas work done.  Without that intervention, she could have died and since she lived in a condominium, an explosion could have been catastrophic.