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Transitional Care

If your loved one recently had surgery or is being discharged from another facility, they may still need help around their home, and you may not always be available to provide them with this care. Senior Helpers of Greenwood and South Indianapolis is here to make their transition back into home life a little bit easier.  Our Franklin, Indianapolis, and Greenwood senior home care team does this with our Staying Home Safe program - a specialized approach that is designed around your loved ones specific care needs that ensures they feel secure in their living environment during recovery.

It all starts with a plan

We start things off with a care assessment that allows us to understand what exactly your loved one needs, and then create a unique care plan for them to engage in while they recover at home. Our goal is to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the recuperation period.

Your loved ones' specialized Indianapolis, Franklin, or Greenwood senior home care plan is unique to them and their needs, and we will always work with you to ensure you know exactly what’s happening during their recovery. You won’t ever have to worry about the care your loved one is receiving being less than they deserve.

Strengthening Circles of Care

We know it’s hard for you to be away from the one you love, especially during a crucial time, such as recovery and recuperation after big events. Everyone is involved in our process, from doctors to care managers to nurses.

Accessible Transportation

If your loved one needs to be regularly seeing their doctor, we will make sure they get to their follow up appointments with our transportation services. We can also help with appointment reminders and make sure your loved one gets to the store if they need, as well as ensure they see their friends if they make that request!

Medication Reminders and Prescription Pickup

Senior Helpers of Greenwood and South Indianapolis can also help with medication reminders to ensure your loved one is taking their meds when they need to be. We can also help with prescription pick ups so your loved one never goes without their prescriptions!

Nutrition Planning, Food Shopping and Meal Preparation

To make sure that your loved one is getting the right amount of nutritious meals, Senior Helpers can do meal preparation! Sometimes elderly adults will avoid meals due to the clean up afterwards. They won’t have to worry about that with us! We will do the cooking and help with the clean up afterwards. We will make sure your loved one gets the necessary nutrients that they need, especially after a surgery. If your loved one is soon to be discharged, and you need help, contact our office. Our Franklin, Indianapolis, and Greenwood senior home care, transitional, and hospital to home professionals will help to create a care plan unique to them and their needs, to ensure they never go without the care they need.

Contact us today to learn more or to get started. 

Senior Helpers provides senior home, transitional, and hospital to home care in the communities of Greenwood, Indianapolis, Franklin, Columbus, Shelbyville, Camby, Mooresville and Martinsville.