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5 Ways to Improve Senior Mental Health

No doubt, our mental health determines the wellness of all other aspects of life, including our physical and emotional wellbeing. As we age, we become vulnerable to mental health issues such as dementia and anxiety. This means that seniors are more likely to experience mental health-related problems, which makes it quite important to ensure that they are well taken care of to keep their brains healthy. 

Thankfully, there are various ways to better an elderly person’s mental health. Here are five ways to improve senior mental health. 

Exercising and eating healthy

Regular exercise and eating healthy foods is a sure way to keep seniors not only physically fit, but also mentally healthy. Research has shown that making lifestyle changes by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet can work to keep mental health issues at bay, sometimes even better than medication. 

For seniors, simple exercises such as yoga, walks, and ballroom dancing can help to ward off the common illnesses associated with mental health.  

Seeking social interaction

Loneliness and isolation are commonly associated with mental health problems such as depression and dementia, which makes it all the more important that seniors have an active social life. To prevent these mental disorders, encourage your senior to engage others physically or through social media platforms. Social interactions offer a chance for them to have stimulating conversations that keep the brain active and healthy. In the end, they get to keep boredom at bay, and more importantly, keep their minds in shape. 

Playing 'thinking' games     

Over the years, studies have proved that playing mind games can help seniors prolong their brains' cognitive ability by up to ten years. There are different games that this demographic can engage in, from Sudoku to crossword puzzles and scrabble. In fact, the internet is full of online resources; for instance, AARP provides brain games on their website that are quite ideal for seniors. You can help them choose their favorites so they can invest their minds and time to benefit fully. 

Keeping stress under control   

Stress can be a real burden to seniors, as it tends to significantly affect both their physical and mental functionality. Undo stress can lead to conditions like dementia and depression, which could have an adverse effect on their lives. This is why seniors need to rest their minds by engaging in appropriate activities to help them control stress. Some common things that can help here are meditation, spa treatment, keeping a pet, and exercises. 

Learning something new

Learning a new skill can help to improve cognitive functioning and, in the process, keep the brain stronger as one ages. For instance, learning to play a new instrument stimulates the brain to ensure it stays active for longer. Seeking out a new hobby can help seniors discover new interests they may not have considered and shine light on whole new areas of enjoyment that will also keep them mentally healthy.

Safeguarding seniors' mental health should be a priority, as it is the gate pass to ensuring physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. The tips given here can help lay a foundation to help your loved ones and improve senior mental health. 

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