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5-Must-Have Assistive Mobility Aids for Seniors

5-Must-Have Assistive Mobility Aids for Seniors

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls account for the most injuries in seniors. While decisions on mobility are often left to individuals and their families, it is important to know about the best equipment available. This ensures that seniors can preserve their independence and live a more dignified, fulfilling life. With that said, we highlight the best assistive mobility aids for seniors below. 

Walking Canes  

Walking canes can be quite useful since they help improve balance and stability, thus reducing the risk of falls. These assistive devices are particularly good for seniors who have arthritis. It can also help those who are recovering from surgeries as they reduce the weight placed on the lower joints. 

Walking canes come in two forms: single-point and four-point. The former are ideal for people with brain and spinal cord impairment, while the latter can aid those with balance issues. Helping seniors choose the right walking cane can go a long way toward overcoming their mobility challenges. 

Two-Wheel Walkers

Two-wheel walkers can be used to increase balance in adults with moderate to severe balance issues. And, since they don’t need to be picked up, they can work well for seniors who suffer from upper body weakness. 

Another notable advantage is that they decrease pain in the joints by taking weight off the lower body. Two-wheel walkers are useful for seniors with joint problems and arthritis. It is important to teach seniors how to use this equipment properly, as a lack of knowledge can result in safety issues and falls.  


Many seniors experience problems walking up and down the stairs. This is often attributed to factors such as weak joints and balance issues. With more than a million seniors injured on the stairs in 2018 alone, we cannot understate the importance of stairlifts. 

Among other benefits, stairlifts can help prevent falls while ensuring seniors remain independent. Again, it is important that seniors know how to use them in order to ensure their safety. 

Knee Walkers  

Knee walkers are recommended for seniors with lower extremity problems, such as weak knees. It is basically a better alternative to crutches, except that it comes with wheels, a steering device, a seat, and a storage basket. Knee walkers can be used to boost mobility in seniors who have problems with balance. 

Activator Poles      

This assistive device is quite efficient in improving balance, stability, and posture in active seniors. Essentially, activator poles reduce the pressure on the lower joints while helping to maintain a healthy gait. Seniors can use them to walk around at home without requiring much assistance. Moreover, activator poles are made from aluminum, so you will not need to worry about them breaking and leading to injuries.  

As can be seen, knowing about the best assistive mobility aids for seniors can help you protect your loved one. More importantly, consulting a medical professional before making a choice is recommended.

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