2 Ways Adult Children Can Introduce Elderly Loved Ones to Meditation and Breathing Exercises (And Why)
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Serving Peachtree City and surrounding areas.
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2 Ways Adult Children Can Introduce Elderly Loved Ones to Meditation and Breathing Exercises (And Why)

Introducing Your Loved Ones to Meditation and Breathing Exercises

People have been practicing meditation since 5000 BCE, possibly earlier, and not without good reason. It's beneficial to both mental and physical health. As a person grows older, they sometimes experience more physical health complications. Even if your loved one seems to be in near-perfect health, meditation and breathing exercises can still be helpful.

What Does it Mean to Meditate and/or Practice Breathing Exercises?

The type of meditation that targets mental health is Mindfulness Meditation. For people who meditate, depression, memory, or anxiety may be what you need to target during a session. This type of mediation can also target physical ailments such as improving the immune system, improving sleep quality, managing high blood pressure, and helping to ease pain. What is targeted during meditation depends entirely on the person meditating. 

Breathing exercises are done as a way of managing stress and/or anxiety. They can also improve lung function, helping a person to slow down and breathe when necessary. It's not uncommon for people to breathe too fast, shallow, or slow and fail to take in the amount of oxygen needed. The main goal of a breathing exercise is to help a person relax, which can be very beneficial for all people. It's a great idea to practice breathing exercises and/or meditation with a loved one!

How to Get Your Elderly Loved Ones to Practice Meditation and Breathing Exercises

There are many reasons your older loved ones may not want to practice meditation and/or breathing exercises. They may think it isn't necessary, be embarrassed about it, or possibly believe neither practice actually works. No matter the reason, you can still try to convince your loved one meditation and breathing exercises are a great idea. 

To start, tell your loved one about the benefits of meditation and breathing exercises and help them set up a plan. Ask what they think they should focus on and give your input on the situation too. As both of you brainstorm ideas, pick a few meditation techniques to try. When you find which exercises are most comfortable, set up a schedule. 

If your older loved one isn't keen on keeping up the practice themselves, do it with them the first few times. You may have to continue meditating with them if they don't want to do it alone, so changing the schedule to fit around yours as well might be necessary. In any case, meditating with someone can do wonders for both of you.

One of the best ways to get into a meditation routine is to use guided meditations and breathing exercises. If you've never done either, then doing so will help figure out what's best for your loved one. No meditation or breathing exercise will be a "one-size-fits-all", so you may have to go through several guided sessions before finding something that works. 

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