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Serving Peachtree City and surrounding areas.
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5 Immunizations and Vaccines That Are Important for Senior Adults

Having updated immunizations and vaccines is important for anyone, but especially so for young children and seniors. Elderly people are often at a higher risk for contracting preventable diseases and making sure their vaccinations are up to date can help them live longer and healthier lives. Some vaccines should be updated annually, and others may only need to be updated every five to ten years. Some of these vaccines are more important than others though.


The Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is an annual vaccine recommended to everyone. As the flu is a virus that mutates easily, getting the vaccine every year will help build a stronger immunity to it. Vaccines aren't a guarantee you won't contract the flu, but they will help make the chances less likely. The elderly and young children are more at risk for complications resulting from the flu, so it's extremely important to update the vaccine each year.


Shingles Vaccine

If an elderly person had chickenpox during the earlier years of life, they may contract shingles as they age. This illness is characterized by a painful and blistering rash, and is contagious to others who have previously contracted chicken pox during their lifetime. The vaccine should reduce the risk of shingles by 50% or reduce the severity of the disease should it be contracted. Seniors are the most at risk for shingles and should not opt out of the vaccine. 


Pneumonia Vaccine

Pneumonia can be fatal and accounts for 50K deaths each year. This vaccine is a one-time immunization, but can be repeated after five years if the person was younger than 65 when the first vaccine was received. Seniors are at a higher risk for contracting pneumonia than other age groups, and it's especially important if the person has a condition that already puts them at high risk for the disease. 


Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis Vaccine

Most people received a tetanus vaccine as a child, and the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine is very similar, but it adds a pertussis component to it. This component is added to help prevent whooping cough due to a fading immune system as one gets older. It's recommended for seniors under the age of 64 years old, though you can receive it over 64. 


Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B is a disease that can affect the liver. It's contagious and often has few or no symptoms at all if the illness is considered long-term. This illness is more common among the elderly and can be fatal if left untreated. The vaccine is administered in three or four rounds of injections. 


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