5 Tips For Sticking With Your New Resolutions in 2023
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Serving Venice and surrounding areas.
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5 Tips For Sticking With Your New Resolutions in 2023

5 Tips For Sticking With Your New Resolutions in 2023

Many of us feel that since it is a new year, it is an opportunity to set goals or resolutions to become more successful, happier, healthier, or in some way make ourselves better than we were in the prior year.  It is a great opportunity for seniors who want to focus on self-improvement. Though resolutions are a great tool, setting them can also prove to be frustrating if your resolutions are unattainable. Here are five tips that may help seniors stick to their resolutions and make the improvements they want in 2023.

1.  Set Specific, Realistic, And Measurable Goals.

For example, if you say "I want to lose weight this year," it may be realistic but without setting a measurable goal, it could be any number of pounds that you want to lose.  If you say "I want to lose 50 pounds by Valentine's Day," it becomes measurable and specific but is highly unrealistic.  Perhaps discuss with your doctor to determine a realistic goal that includes all three criteria. 

2.  It's Okay To Take Baby Steps.

By breaking up the resolution into smaller goals, you are more likely to stay with it.  If your goal is to read more, instead of setting a goal of reading fifty books this year, change it to reading a book every week.  Start or join a book club.  Finding ways to make your goal fun while breaking your ultimate goal into smaller, more manageable ones will help to minimize frustration and keep your enthusiasm up.

3.  Pick A New Resolution.

If you have unsuccessfully attempted a resolution multiple times, maybe it is not the right one for you.   Begin with a resolution that is more likely to yield positive results or change up the resolution that you tried in the past.  The reason that some resolutions fail is simply that we expect them to.  

4.  Make A Plan.

Going back to the weight loss example, if you just say you want to lose weight but have no plan on how to do it, your success may be disappointing.  Your plan in this example might be to discuss weight loss with your doctor, investigate diet plans, or join a gym.  Making a clear plan is essential to goal setting.  Regardless of your age, your experience, or your willpower, making changes, even as a senior, needs a plan to begin.

 5. Get Support From Others.

No matter what your New Year's resolution is, you can bet that others may be following the same path.  Ask for help in planning healthy meals, join a book club, or try a new group activity.  Ask your friends and family for support in helping you reach your goals.  Most people will enjoy supporting your efforts.

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