3 Ways to Stop Shorter Days From Impacting Quality of Life in Fall and Winter
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Serving North Miami, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding areas
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3 Ways to Stop Shorter Days From Impacting Quality of Life in Fall and Winter

It is the time of year when the temperature starts to drop, the clocks fall back, and darkness starts to outweigh the light during waking hours. During this time, many people, including seniors, begin to feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm, as well as a change in mood and perspective. For many people, darkness starts and ends their days, and their exposure to natural light is limited. For some people, the change in mood extends further and they are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD. Some seniors can be especially inclined to respond to seasonal changes, depending on many factors. Senior Helpers of North Miami provides aging-in-place services to help seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible throughout Miami, Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach. The intuitive and nurturing caregivers will help support your seniors as they experience changes in the season and help them to have a better quality of life throughout the fall, winter, and in every season.

Light is Imperative

For most people, seniors included, spending time in the light, particularly natural light, can make a big difference in the quality of life they experience. As people experience less sunlight during the fall and winter, their serotonin, a chemical that affects moods, can drop and have a negative effect on the overall mood of the individual. Spending more time in the light, especially natural light, helps to lift spirits and stimulate positive emotions, such as motivation and enthusiasm. Exercising outdoors has proven to have the extra benefit of getting the body moving and providing exposure to natural light according to Clarity Clinic. The North Miami area, including Miami, Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach, has an above-average amount of sunlight, which means residents have the advantage of more opportunities to be in the light. Senior Helpers of North Miami is dedicated to helping your senior age in place. As your senior's caretaker, they may help with increased exposure to sunlight and nature, thereby helping your senior to combat the negative aspects of seasonal change and help them to thrive through the fall, winter, and always.

Meditation and Sleep

As darkness begins to outweigh the light during waking hours, many people experience a disruption in their sleep patterns. The increase in dark hours may induce sleep in some people, leading them to want to go to bed earlier. This may have several effects, including an earlier wake-up or disrupted sleep during the night due to going to bed too early. On the other hand, earlier to bed may mean more rest for people, which can make them feel sluggish or depressed. Maintaining standard sleep patterns can make a big difference in staying positive and on an even keel during the fall and winter. It can be very beneficial for everyone, including seniors, to stay on the usual sleep patterns to help steady moods and mood swings.

Meditation is another valuable tool to help stay positive and retain positive sleep patterns during the fall and winter. Meditation helps to center your mind and your body and increase calmness from the inside out. This can contribute positively to the moods and emotional well-being of everyone, including seniors. Senior Helpers of North Miami can help your seniors to participate in meditation and mindfulness practices, in their own homes, and help them to be happier during their day, which allows them to be happier in their sleep, contributing to their overall well-being throughout the entirety of the year and through every season.

Find a Hobby and Make Some Plans

Another way people can combat the seasonal impact of winter and fall on their life is to find a hobby and make some plans. Having something to learn and something to look forward to can boost positive emotions and foster hope, both of which are imperative for physical and mental well-being. Sometimes even a hobby that has once been picked up and then dropped is a good possibility. Having a hobby teaches new things and stirs up enthusiasm. Making plans, either to participate in the aforementioned hobby or to do something with friends or even watch a movie at home, fosters hope and excitement, both of which are positive emotions and can help foster positivity in the daily life of your seniors. Fostering this feeling of positivity goes a long way toward fighting any impacts that seasonal changes may bring and helping your seniors to stay positive and balanced during this time. Senior Helpers of North Miami can help your seniors to participate in a hobby and help them to make some plans that allow them to look forward with enthusiasm and help to stop shorter days from impacting their life during the fall and winter.

As the days become shorter, the temperature drops and the clocks fall leisurely backward. Many people, including seniors, experience a shift in motivation, mood, and enthusiasm. For some people, the shift is noticeable but does not impact their lives. For others, however, it can be more impactful in their lives. Finding solutions to help mitigate the impact of shorter days on the quality of life can be very beneficial. Senior Helpers of North Miami, serving Miami, Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach, helps seniors in these locations to age in place, including helping them to participate in positive solutions to help their overall well-being throughout the year.