The Pros And Cons of Installing Medical Alert Devices For Your Senior Relative
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Serving North Miami, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding areas
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The Pros And Cons of Installing Medical Alert Devices For Your Senior Relative

Due to aging and potential medical conditions, many seniors could benefit from having a medical alert device installed in their homes. These devices alert family members or caregivers of an emergency, allowing a timely response. A responsible relative should weigh the pros and cons of installing one before making a decision.

Pros of Installing a Medical Alert Device

  • Medical alert devices are a great way to increase the safety of elderly individuals. These devices can be life-saving in a medical emergency due to an accident or unexpected health issue. They are especially useful for seniors who are fall risks. The CDC reports that 36 million seniors fall at home each year. Around 10 % of those cases require emergency room treatment. If your senior loved one falls, the device can notify family members and caregivers quickly so they can respond immediately. 
  • A medical alert device lets your senior relative live an independent life. They retain their independence with peace of mind that their health is protected. The device gives them a sense of security. They'll know someone else could be alerted if something were to happen while living independently.
  • Knowing that your senior relative is being monitored and can call for help in an emergency provides a sense of peace to the family or caregivers. This device could be helpful when you cannot constantly monitor them. You may be far from home, yet you still want to know they are safe. 
  • One study found that seniors using medical alert devices experienced less time in emergency rooms. They also had shorter hospital stays. These seniors also reported a better quality of life than those without a device. 

Cons of Installing a Medical Alert Device

  • There are certain costs associated with purchasing and installing a medical alert device. Additional monitoring fees can also be associated with having it. Depending on the type of service you choose, these fees can add up quickly and might not be an affordable solution for everyone. 
  • Medical alert devices are pieces of technology. Like any other, there may be times when the device can malfunction due to technical problems. Tech issues could lead to frustration for both you and your senior relative. It is a serious concern if it were to malfunction in an emergency.
  • Having a medical alert device for seniors means it constantly monitors their activity and potential health issues. Constant monitoring could potentially lead to an intrusion of privacy. There may not be an option for your senior relative to remove or turn off the device altogether. It might be something they want if they desire some time away from being monitored.

Need Help Monitoring a Senior Loved One at Home?

Installing a medical alert device for your senior relative can have great benefits if used correctly. Forbes reports that 86% of seniors say their medical devices have helped them in a medical emergency. It's something that should be considered by family members or caregivers. The pros of increased safety, independence, and peace of mind weigh heavily against the cons. 

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