3 Well-Researched Benefits of Pets for Seniors Living Alone
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Serving North Miami, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding areas
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3 Well-Researched Benefits of Pets for Seniors Living Alone

3 Well-Researched Benefits of Pets for Seniors Living Alone

If you are thinking about adopting a four-footed family member, you may be about to experience more perks than you expect. Owning pets is fun on its own, and research shows that pet owners also experience several mental and physical health benefits. Here are four well-researched reasons to consider getting a pet for seniors, especially if you/they live alone!

1. Relieve Loneliness and Isolation 

It's no secret that living alone can be isolating, but it is not uncommon for seniors to find themselves in this position. Although pets will not quite replace the experience of living with at least one other person, they can go a long way toward reducing the loneliness of an otherwise empty house. The companionship pets provide and the sounds they add to a house that may otherwise be silent can add a bit more life to the living spaces of pet owners of any age. In fact, senior pet owners are approximately 36 percent less likely to report frequent feelings of loneliness than seniors that do not own a pet, which can be even more significant among those that live alone. 

2. Create a Sense of Purpose 

Many seniors have a hard time finding something that gives their life meaning. Once they are no longer working, start to lose friends near their age, and may no longer be physically able to enjoy certain activities they used to, finding something new to invest their energy in can add a new sense of purpose to their lives. Caring for a pet that depends on them can help seniors feel needed and adds routine to days that may have begun to blend together and feel less meaningful than they used to. 

3. Boost Mindfulness

Worrying about the future can make it difficult to enjoy the present, but pets have no such fears. Pets are only interested in what is happening at any given time, which rubs off on their owners and forces them to live in the present and enjoy what is happening right in front of them. 

Improve Overall Health and Recovery 

Having a pet can even come with several health benefits. Owning a pet, especially a dog, can create an opportunity for seniors to get the light exercise they need through short walks and moving around their home to care for and play with their pets. Pet owners often have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than other seniors, and having a pet around can boost seniors' positive thinking and overall outlook on life when recovering from an illness or injury. 

At Senior Helpers of North Miami, we know that adopting a pet is just one of many steps you can take to improve the quality of your life at any age. These benefits can be even more significant if you live alone, especially when combined with other proactive steps for reducing loneliness, and there are plenty of furry friends in need of a loving home in the Miami, Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach areas. Contact us today to learn more about steps you can take to live alone safely and comfortably!