What to Do About Valentine's Day If Elderly Relatives Live With You
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Serving Stamford and surrounding areas.
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What to Do About Valentine's Day If Elderly Relatives Live With You

Valentine's day is a special time to celebrate the love we have for others, and it can be especially meaningful when celebrating with elderly relatives. However, living with an elderly relative presents some unique challenges. Take a look at how you can plan a special day to celebrate the love you have for an elderly loved one or carve out time for the other special someone in your life. 

Why Valentine's Day May Be Difficult When Living with Elderly Loved Ones

Celebrating Valentine's Day can be challenging for elderly relatives due to their physical limitations and even feelings of loneliness. In the case of an elderly individual with mobility issues or special care needs, it might be difficult to go out and celebrate away from home. Additionally, feeling left out of activities that are typically catered to couples can add another layer of difficulty when celebrating at home on Valentine's Day. On the other hand, caregivers living with their elderly relatives can find it challenging to find time to get away with their own special someone. 

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with Elderly Relatives

Despite the challenges, there are still plenty of ways to make it a special day when living with elderly relatives. One way to do that is by decorating the home. Consider redecorating the shared space with heartfelt messages and decorations like flowers or hearts. Another great way to show an elderly relative some love on Valentine's Day is through thoughtful gifts that serve as everyday reminders of your love for them. Lastly, planning a special meal together can be a wonderful way to spend time together while showing appreciation for each other's company. 

Finding Time to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Special Someone

Respite care is often a great option for caregivers who are sharing a home with an elderly relative. Respite care ensures that a senior loved one is well cared for while caregivers spend time with their spouse or partner. Alternatively, if respite care isn't possible, you can try setting up a friend or family member to come in and lend a hand so you can set aside some time for that special someone in your life. If you cannot find someone else to come in on Valentine's Day itself, consider rescheduling your date. Maybe then, a respite caregiver, friend, or another family member would be free to step in while you spend time with your partner. 

Senior Helpers Can Provide Much-Needed Respite Care

If you're looking for someone to give respite care during this special day in Fairfield County, Westport, Norwalk, Stamford, or Greenwich, Senior Helpers Stamford can help. We provide excellent respite care services that will allow you to get away while still ensuring that your loved one receives the high standard of care they need. Contact us today to learn more about our services, including both respite care and in-home support.