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Serving Greeley. Loveland, and surrounding areas.
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Serving Greeley. Loveland, and surrounding areas.
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Giving Back to the Northern Colorado Community

Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado has always gone above and beyond to help out the local community of older adults. When COVID hit our area, we knew that we had to go further and help in any way possible.

Wellness Week

In June, we rolled out a new initiative called Wellness Week. Once a month, we host different local business owners to share tips on healthy aging. This not only benefits the aging adults in our community, but it also helps to keep Northern Colorado’s businesses open.

So far, we have had a phenomenal turn out, both from the business community and viewers gaining essential tips about how to age well.

Jessica Lucey from Sun Breath Yoga has been on every month, sharing tips on mobility, strength, and flexibility. Kate Spruiell from Ability Home Health Care has also joined us each month talking about hydration, the benefits of walking, non-medical versus medical home care, and getting connected with Dementia communities. Both Katie and Angel from the Alzheimer’s Association have joined us to share more about Alzheimer’s. Maddie Kent from Sante Health and Wellness shared information about strengthening our gut health in three segments. Sarah from Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary gave some herbal remedies for seniors. Kali LeMaster from the Larimer County Farmers Market joined us several on several occasions to show us the vegetables of the season as well as the best ways to prepare those veggies. Yvonne Hanning joined us from Willow Tree Studios a few times to go over some stretches and balance tips. Additionally, we had Shelly from StraightLine Fitness with mobility and strengthening moves as well.

Wellness Week will continue highlighting the local businesses in Northern Colorado and the ways that each of them can benefit older adults. Our goal is to help older adults in our community gain balance, strength, mobility, and happiness by watching the Wellness Week videos, which are all archived on our YouTube channel.

Feeding Northern Colorado

In conjunction with FoCo Cafe and Fort Collins Delivery Network Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado has been dedicating time each week to get food on people’s tables. Through a new program, about 100 meals have been delivered every day to low-income individuals, families, and aging adults. This program has been widely successful and the participants have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to have a hot meal.

Additionally, Senior Helpers has been working with Dementia Together to sponsor meal deliveries for the Dementia-affected community. These deliveries not only give a caregiver some relief, but they also let the Dementia community know that they still have people to lean on.

Hiring in Northern Colorado

On top of the community service work, Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado has been doing its part with the unemployment problem amidst COVID-19. During the pandemic, Senior Helpers has been actively hiring both caregivers and internal office staff. Since March, the internal team has increased from four to six and gained about 20 caregivers.

We will continue to hire so that we can meet the needs of the senior population in Northern Colorado. On top of that, we will continue to work the long hours needed to get help to everyone in need here in our community. If you need a Senior Helper in your home, contact us at (970) 658-8228 or visit our website.