From Contacts to Glasses - How to Encourage Senior Loved Ones
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How to Encourage Seniors to Switch From Contacts to Glasses

Happy National Eye Exam Month! This August, we're shining the spotlight on an important aspect of seniors' eye health. Have you or a loved one considered switching from contacts to glasses? While contacts can offer some advantages, there are numerous benefits that glasses bring, especially for seniors.

From reduced risk of eye infections to easy care and use, glasses can greatly simplify life while ensuring optimal vision. So, let's dive into why it might be time for seniors to start switching from contacts to a fresh pair of glasses!

The Challenges of Contacts for Seniors

We can't discount the benefits of contacts. But for seniors, they do pose certain challenges. One risk factor of contact use is the increased likelihood of eye infections. Misplacement, improper cleaning, or extended wearing of contacts can lead to uncomfortable consequences. Plus, as we age, handling tiny contact lenses can become a fiddly ordeal. What was once a straightforward task may now be a daily struggle.

The Benefits of Glasses for Seniors

Glasses, on the other hand, eliminate many of these issues. First off, seniors don't have to touch their eyes. This already makes glasses a more hygienic solution. They are also incredibly convenient—seniors can just put them on in the morning, and they're good to go.

Moreover, seniors can have glasses tailored to their specific needs, with one pair for long-distance vision and another for reading. This versatility allows seniors to continue enjoying their hobbies and tasks, all while looking after their ocular health.

Additional Advantages of Glasses

Glasses also offer some additional, often overlooked benefits. They can act as a barrier, shielding the eyes from environmental elements like wind and dust. And let's not forget the financial perspective. Although the upfront cost of glasses might seem daunting compared to a box of contacts, glasses last longer and do not require monthly replenishment, offering significant savings in the long run. Plus, frames come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, offering seniors a chance to show off their individual style!

How to Encourage Seniors to Consider Switching From Contacts to Glasses

Switching from contacts to glasses might feel dismaying to some seniors, but it doesn't have to be. Start by taking them to a local optician for a thorough eye examination. This is an opportunity to discuss their vision needs and explore the wide variety of eyewear options available. Encourage them to try on different frames and lenses to find their perfect fit.

Gradual transition can also help. Maybe they can start by wearing glasses at home, then extend to using them during outings. This way, they can slowly adjust to their new vision companion.

Connect With Senior Helpers Denver North

As we celebrate National Eye Exam Month, let's embrace the benefits of switching from contacts to a fresh pair of glasses. From improved eye health and easy maintenance to stylish designs, glasses can enhance a senior's quality of life in many ways.

If you're in Denver, Broomfield, Commerce City, Westminster, and the surrounding areas, and are considering making the switch or need any assistance with senior eye care, don't hesitate to contact us at Senior Helpers Denver North. We're here to guide you on this new journey toward optimal eye health.