How Often Should You Check in on Elderly Relatives During the Winter?
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How Often Should You Check in on Elderly Relatives During the Winter?

Winter is a special time for celebration. It should also be a time for extra caution, especially among elderly relatives. They are much more vulnerable to illnesses during winter. In addition, the winter chills and the icy condition is dangerous for senior citizens. There is a need to check in on them often throughout the winter.  

The Essence of Checking on Seniors in Winter

Winter puts more pressure on seniors' health and increases the risks of hypothermia. Hypothermia occurs when an elderly's body temperatures drop below normal for a while or when the body's heat production decreases. As a result, the senior citizen's ability to handle and respond to exposure to cold weather is lowered. This is because of advanced age and certain medical conditions leading to hypothermia. Hypothermia also increases the risk of certain conditions. It includes stroke, heart attacks, kidney problems, and liver damage. There is a need to check in on your elderly relatives more frequently.

How Can You Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safe During Winter?

Making sure the elderly relatives are safe is one of the most important steps in caring for them throughout the winter in Westchester. Here are some measures adult children and caregivers can take to ensure their elderly relatives are safe and healthy during the winter.

Monitoring Their Health

Your elderly loved ones are vulnerable to cold. By checking in on them frequently, adult children can monitor their health. This makes it easy to spot illnesses or any concern that might need medical attention. Adult children can also consider vaccination boosters such as flu jabs for their seniors to protect them further.

Make Sure They Are Warm

Seniors take a while to get warm. Their bodies lose heat quickly due to aging, less activity, and other physical reasons. Therefore, always ensure your elderly loved ones wear adequate dry clothing, a hat, and a scarf, and wrap themselves with a blanket to keep warm. Adult children can also ensure the overall house temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and above for more comfort.

Ensure Their Home Is Safe

When caring for your elderly relatives in Manhattan Beach, it is essential to ensure their safety. It is always wet and icy in winter, making it easy for seniors to slip and fall, which might cause injuries. Children and caregivers should ensure their seniors can get in and out of the house without any safety risk by removing snow on paths and driveways and salting steps often.  

Offer a Helping Hand

In most cases, elderly relatives struggle alone but are still reluctant to ask for help. By checking in on them frequently during winter, adult children can offer senior citizens help by shopping, picking up their deliveries and groceries, helping with daily activities, and driving them around. Offering a helping hand and spending time with your senior loved ones throughout winter is greatly beneficial. It helps them physically and mentally.

Caring for Your Seniors With Senior Helpers Torrance

The winter season is challenging for seniors due to the extreme weather. If you are an adult child and feel your elderly relative requires assistance during the winter, reach out to Senior Helpers Torrance. We offer the best customized, dependable, and affordable in-home senior care services in Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach that improve our client's quality of life and their families. Contact Senior Helpers Torrance to find senior care services.