How to Find Senior Caretaking Services with Chronic Disease Care Options
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Serving Arcadia and surrounding areas.
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How to Find Senior Caretaking Services with Chronic Disease Care Options

Seniors with chronic illnesses often require life-long care to help ensure their health and well-being. Finding an appropriate senior caretaking service that has specific experience with caring for individuals suffering from a chronic disease can be a challenge. 

Here are some important steps to take when selecting and utilizing such services:

What Is Chronic Disease?

Chronic illnesses are defined as long-term, persistent medical conditions that often require frequent monitoring and treatment. Some of the most common chronic diseases include:

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease,
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Alzheimer's Disease or dementia

These illnesses affect different seniors in various ways depending on the severity. 

How to Choose a Senior Caretaking Service that Offers Chronic Disease Care Options

When selecting a senior caretaking service with chronic disease care options, it is important to choose one that has trained caregivers on staff who are knowledgeable about specific conditions and able to provide proper care. Here are a few ideas to help you find a caregiver service for your senior loved one:

Research and Reviews

Research and reviews are essential when selecting a senior caretaking service. Start by asking family, friends, or your senior loved one's doctor if they have any recommendations or personal experiences with particular services in the San Gabriel Valley area. Additionally, search online for reviews of potential organizations to get as much information as possible about their policies, procedures, and services offered. 

Questions to Ask

When interviewing a potential senior caretaking service, it is important to ask about their experience in dealing with chronic conditions and managing the needs of each individual. Be sure to inquire about: 

  • Any special certifications or qualifications their staff possess that would make them better equipped to handle individuals with severe medical needs?
  • What resources do they offer for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, including support services such as counseling services and nutritional guidance?
  • Whether they have received advanced training on how to manage medications and other treatments associated with chronic conditions.

Use these questions as a starting point.

Know the Services Offered

When researching potential senior caretaking services in your area, be sure to ask about the specific types of services they provide for your senior loved one. Some services may be available to include assistance with supervised daily activities, such as:

  • Dressing and bathing
  • Transportation to doctor's appointments
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Medication management
  • Administration reminders

Additionally, some organizations offer specialized programs for seniors living with chronic illnesses that may include physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises tailored to the individual's condition. 

Senior Helpers San Gabriel Valley Offers the Care Your Senior Loved One Needs

Finding the right senior caretaking service with chronic disease care options requires careful research and due diligence. It's important to consider both your senior loved one's needs as well as any available resources that could be beneficial in providing specialized care in San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia, Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge, or Covina. Senior Helpers San Gabriel Valley partners with you to care for your senior loved one. Explore the services that we have available now!