5 Sunscreen Lotion Alternatives for Seniors With Arthritis
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Serving Arcadia and surrounding areas.
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5 Sunscreen Lotion Alternatives for Seniors With Arthritis

As we joyfully welcome the sunny days in San Gabriel Valley, we must remember the importance of sun protection, especially for our senior loved ones. But for many seniors with arthritis, applying conventional sunscreen represents a struggle. Hindered by limited mobility, a sunscreen bottle that seems to demand the grip strength of a professional wrestler and a lotion that feels like it requires a degree in advanced massage techniques to apply may feel a bit overwhelming. There are easier ways to beat the heat and stay safe from harmful sun rays. This blog post shares some arthritis-friendly alternatives to traditional sunscreen lotions and explores fantastic, pain-free ways to protect your skin this summer!

Five Alternatives for Difficult-to-Apply Sunscreen Lotion

  1. Sunscreen Spray: Sunscreen sprays are a breeze to use. They are easy to apply, even in hard-to-reach areas, and typically dry quickly. For seniors dealing with arthritis, these sprays provide a painless solution, eliminating the need for extensive rubbing. However, make sure to spray generously and evenly to maximize their effectiveness.
  2. UV-Protective Clothing: Imagine your clothes doing the job of sunscreen. That's precisely what UV-protective clothing does. These specially designed attires have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that helps shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Ideal for folks with arthritis, these clothes diminish the need for regular sunscreen application. From stylish hats to comfortable shirts, UV-protective clothing is becoming increasingly popular and available in many options.
  3. Sunscreen Stick: Sunscreen sticks provide another arthritis-friendly solution. These sticks are shaped much like deodorant and are easy to use. Just uncap, twist, and apply! They're perfect for targeting specific areas such as the face and back of hands. Plus, as they're typically smaller in size, they're easy to carry around for reapplication throughout the day.
  4. Sunshade Umbrellas: Sunshade umbrellas, particularly those with a Silver UV-reflective coating, provide a portable shade that helps block damaging sun rays. They're a great aid for seniors with arthritis, eliminating the need for sunscreen application while you're out and about. And with so many stylish choices available, you might even make a fashion statement while staying protected!
  5. Sunscreen Wipes: Sunscreen wipes are like a sunscreen lotion but without the hassle. These wipes are pre-soaked with a protective sunscreen formula and are very convenient. They're easy to use, travel-friendly, and an excellent alternative for seniors with arthritis. Just wipe them over your skin, and you're protected. Just remember to dispose of them responsibly.

We Can Help

Sun protection is essential, and arthritis shouldn't hinder your ability to protect yourself against harmful rays. Sunscreen sprays, UV-protective clothing, sunscreen sticks, sunshade umbrellas, and sunscreen wipes are the fantastic five guaranteeing easy sun protection for seniors with arthritis. But remember, no matter which method you choose, consistency is vital!

For more information, assistance, or resources for seniors in San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia, Pasadena, La Cañada, or Covina, contact us at Senior Helpers San Gabriel Valley. We would love to discuss our in-home care services with you. We are always committed to helping seniors in our community live better, healthier, and safer lives.