How to Utilize Telehealth Services in 2023 for Improved Quality of Life as a Senior
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Serving San Diego and surrounding areas.
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How to Utilize Telehealth Services in 2023 for Improved Quality of Life as a Senior

In the face of a changing healthcare landscape, telehealth services are playing an increasingly important role in providing seniors with convenient and safe access to their healthcare needs. The rising popularity of telehealth services has allowed for improved convenience and quality of life for many seniors who need extra support as they grow older on their own terms. 

What Are Telehealth Services?

Telehealth services, also known as telemedicine, refer to the use of video conferencing or other technology-based channels for medical care delivery. This type of service allows distance and time barriers to be removed from accessing quality healthcare. Many seniors in San Diego have already taken advantage of these types of services, which enables them to get the care they need without having to visit a doctor's office. These can include:

Remote Monitoring

This type of service enables healthcare providers to send reminders, keep track of vital signs, and provide educational materials over email or text messages. Seniors also use remote monitoring devices like Bluetooth-enabled fitness trackers to share data with their doctors on an ongoing basis. 

Virtual Visits

Providers are able to connect via video conferencing technology with seniors in order to assess their status and receive solutions for treatments without having seniors attend physical appointments. These virtual visits can save time and money while providing seniors easy access to treatment plans tailored specifically for them without leaving home. 

Advantages of Telehealth Services

Improved Access to Care

Telehealth services can help reduce barriers associated with geographic distance, transportation difficulties, wait times, and medical costs. The use of this technology has enabled seniors to receive professional healthcare treatments in the comfort of their own homes. 

Ability to Receive Treatment Remotely

Through the use of telemedicine services, seniors can easily communicate with providers from any location, eliminating the need for travel or spending time away from home. This also makes it possible for them to attend physical appointments at clinics or hospitals that are further away.

Cost Savings

Seniors can save significant amounts of money by opting into telehealth services over traditional health advice sessions. Some insurance companies charge a lower copay (or none at all) for a telehealth visit. Check with your senior's provider to learn more about his or her benefits.

How to Find Qualified Providers in Your Area

The first step in finding the right healthcare providers is to research their qualifications. Verify that they have the licenses and years of experience they claim to have. It is also important to make sure that your chosen provider has an established record with good customer reviews. This will ensure you’ll receive quality care regardless of whether it is received remotely or at an office visit. 

Learn More About How Senior Helpers San Diego Can Help

Telehealth services are a great way for seniors to access quality care without having to travel or be away from home. The technology has enabled seniors in San Diego, Chula Vista, Hillcrest, and Point Loma to receive personalized treatments tailored specifically for them. This helps improve their overall quality of life and provides convenience for medical care needs. If you or your senior loved one is looking for telemedicine services in your area, contact Senior Helpers San Diego to learn more about how we can help.