What to Do If You Take Care of Seniors Adults and Have a Cold
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Serving Madera and surrounding areas.
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What to Do If You Take Care of Seniors Adults and Have a Cold

Caring for seniors is essential, but it can be difficult if you have a cold. Colds are contagious, and it is critical to avoid spreading them to the seniors in your care. Caregivers in Madera and Los Banos should also know how to get over a cold quickly and what to do if they are too sick to take care of their loved ones.

Below is a helpful guide on how caregivers in Fresno, Atwater, and Reedley can take care of their senior relatives while nursing a common cold.

Steps to Reduce the Spread of a Cold

The first step in safely caring for senior parents or relatives in Fresno while suffering from a cold is to reduce the risk of spreading the illness. To accomplish this, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water.

By also practicing social distancing, you would be avoiding close contact with those in your care. Additionally, when with them, you should always wear a face mask and avoid sharing personal items such as utensils, cups, and towels.

Finally, disinfect any surfaces you come into contact with to help reduce the spread of germs.


Methods for "Getting Over" a Cold

Caregivers in Los Banos should assist themselves in "getting over" the cold as soon as possible. This includes getting plenty of rest and sleep, which aids the body's healing. Drinking plenty of fluids will help flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated.

You can also try over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to help lower your fever and relieve aches and pains. You should consult a doctor if your symptoms worsen or last more than a few days.

Finally, you can try natural remedies like drinking hot water with honey or inhaling eucalyptus steam for relief.


Flexible Options

Caregivers living in Selma, Reedley, and Sanger can get flexible options for outsourcing a Senior Helper for a customized care plan that ensures the supportive care that your loved ones deserve.


Senior Helpers' Resources in the Fresno Area

Several options are available if you require additional resources for caring for seniors in Fresno. The Madera County Department of Aging and Adult Services offers aging-related services, programs, and information. The Los Banos Senior Center, Sanger Senior Center, Selma Senior Center, and Reedley Senior Center are among the senior centers in the area.


Additional Resources in the Neighborhood

In addition to Fresno's resources, several others are in the surrounding area. The Atwater Senior Center in Atwater offers various senior services and activities. The Merced County Office of Aging and Public Health Department is also available. Finally, the Fresno County Office of Education provides resources to seniors and their families.


Key Takeaway

Taking care of seniors is an important responsibility, but it can be more difficult if you struggle with a cold. By following the tips and advice outlined in this article, you can take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of spreading a cold, get over the cold as soon as possible, and find flexible options for hiring our team if needed.

With the Senior Helpers' resources available in Fresno and the surrounding areas, you can ensure that seniors in your care receive the attention they need and deserve. We provide a comprehensive range of programs and services to help the elderly at Senior Helpers of Central Valley North. By opting to age in place, they can remain connected to their friends, family, and community. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us for more information.