Prep Your Home Now to Prevent Falls Later
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Serving Madera and surrounding areas.
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Serving Madera and surrounding areas.
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Prep Your Home Now to Prevent Falls Later

Unexpected falls can lead to serious health risks for seniors, making it imperative to take preventative measures. Read on as Senior Helpers Central Valley North explores a range of home modifications you can implement to reduce the risk of such incidents. From installing grab bars in bathrooms to removing clutter and improving lighting, there are changes you can implement at home to prevent falls among seniors. 

Understanding the Risks

Home is where we should all feel safest. However, many seniors are at risk for falls due to hidden hazards lurking in common areas. Falls can lead to serious injuries such as fractures or head trauma. Conversations about safety with your senior loved one are crucial. It’s an opportunity to emphasize to them how crucial it is to exercise care even during everyday chores and events. 

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom can pose several dangers. Slippery floors and the need for balance make it prime for potential falls. One effective solution to prevent falls is installing grab bars by the tub, shower, and toilet. These provide an extra grip and stabilize movement. Additionally, non-slip mats can greatly reduce the risk of slips on a wet floor. Good lighting is also crucial in bathrooms to ensure clear visibility. Ask your senior what makes them feel comfortable and what lighting they prefer.

Living Room and Bedroom Adjustments

The living room and bedroom are where we spend a lot of time. Many seniors like to unwind in the living room, watching a favorite show, or reading a book. Keeping these areas clutter-free can significantly reduce tripping hazards. It also ensures your senior can stay safe at all times. Removing area rugs can eliminate another common tripping point. Furthermore, rearranging furniture to create wide, clear paths can make moving around much safer. Just be sure to speak with your senior about rearranging furniture before you actually make changes!

Stair and Hallway Safety

Stairs and hallways can be another dangerous spot for seniors. Installing handrails on both sides of the stairs can provide much-needed support and balance. Highlighting stair edges with bright or contrasting colors can make them more visible and prevent missteps. Improving the lighting in these areas is also important. Dimly lit hallways and stairs can easily lead to accidents.

Kitchen Safety

The kitchen is a highly functional space and needs special attention. Organize frequently used items at an accessible height. This prevents the need for climbing or bending. Consider installing pull-out shelves and lazy Susans in cabinets. This can make reaching items easier and safer.

Senior Helpers Provides Premium Senior Care Services

Proactively investing in home modifications can help prevent falls among seniors. It can also make a difference in transforming your home into a safer and more secure environment for your elderly loved ones. For residents in Fresno, Madera, Reedley, and Atwater, the team at Senior Helpers Central Valley North is here to help. Our professionals are ready to assist you with our premium in-home care services, tailored to your needs and preferences. Contact us today to explore our services.