Why Diabetic Seniors Struggle to Stay Hydrated (And What to Do About It)
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Serving Cerritos and the surrounding area.
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Why Diabetic Seniors Struggle to Stay Hydrated (And What to Do About It)

Staying well-hydrated can be a challenge for people - but seniors, in particular, can struggle to stay properly hydrated. Seniors with diabetes might face additional challenges due to the effects of their condition on their kidneys and blood sugar levels. In this blog post from Senior Helpers Cerritos - La Palma - La Mirada, we'll look at why diabetic seniors struggle to stay hydrated and what can be done about it. 

How Does Diabetes Affect Hydration?

One of the side effects of diabetes is that it affects how the kidneys function, making them less efficient at filtering out waste and excess fluids. As a result, some diabetic seniors may not drink enough to counterbalance fluid loss from other sources, like sweating or urinating too much. This can eventually lead to dehydration. Diabetes can also affect blood sugar levels, making it hard for seniors to remain hydrated throughout the day.

How Can Diabetic Seniors Stay Hydrated? 

Dehydration can be a serious health concern for seniors, particularly those with diabetes. Fortunately, there are several strategies seniors can utilize to help manage their hydration levels. Seniors should aim to drink water regularly throughout the day and avoid caffeine and other sugary drinks, as these may interfere with hydration levels due to their diuretic properties. Senior adults who are struggling with dehydration issues might not need to eliminate caffeine completely. If in doubt, they should consult with their doctor to get some insight into decaffeinated options or other delicious drinks that can provide a natural energy boost.

Additionally, healthy snacks and meals that contain electrolytes like bananas or coconut water can further help increase fluid intake. Watermelon is another fantastic option that many seniors enjoy!

Monitor Water Intake

It is also important for seniors with diabetes to monitor their water intake by checking their hydration levels regularly. Seniors can purchase a consumer-grade at-home hydration meter and use it periodically throughout the day. They can also talk to their healthcare provider about suitable devices that may help them track their daily water intake.

Another fun way to keep track of water intake is to purchase a large water bottle with motivational messages on it. This can encourage seniors to drink throughout the day so that they can stay hydrated even while going about daily tasks.

Senior Helpers Promotes Healthy Habits in Senior Adults

It can be hard for seniors with diabetes to stay hydrated. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies diabetic seniors can utilize to help them remain properly hydrated, including drinking more water throughout the day and snacking on healthy treats like electrolyte-rich bananas or coconut water. By utilizing these tips, diabetic seniors will be better able to ensure they keep up with adequate fluid levels. 

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