3 Home Maintenance Tasks as the Weather Cools
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Serving Cerritos and the surrounding area.
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3 Home Maintenance Tasks as the Weather Cools

With the onset of cooler weather, home maintenance tasks play an integral role not just in the structural integrity of the homes but also in the safety and comfort of our senior loved ones. 

Senior Helpers Cerritos - La Palma - La Mirada will guide you through a list of vital tasks to prepare your loved one's abode for the colder months. Following these practical tips, you can mitigate safety risks such as heating issues, slips, and falls, and ensure a comfortable, warm home environment for seniors.

1. Preparing the Home Exterior

The house's exterior is subjected to the brunt of the weather changes. Hence, keeping a keen eye on roof shingles and gutters is critical. Damaged shingles or clogged gutters can cause leaks and further damage. 

If you're not comfortable doing this task, consider hiring a professional. You might ask family or friends if they feel comfortable assisting you with the task. It's also worth walking around the property to check for loose items or drowning hazards. Secure lawn furniture and clean up fallen leaves to prevent slips and trips. Doing regular check-ups on the exterior of your home can go a long way toward keeping you and any visitors safe.

2. Preparing the Home Interior

The home interior can always use some attention, starting with insulation checks. Heat often escapes from poorly sealed windows and doors, leading to higher energy costs and a chilly home. Use weatherstripping or caulking around windows and doors to seal any gaps. 

Make sure the heating system is working efficiently. An annual tune-up of your heating system can prevent unexpected breakdowns amid a cold spell and ensure consistent warmth. Hiring a professional can be a safer option if you're unsure how to maintain the heating system. 

3. Safety Precautions

Safety should never be overlooked, especially in colder months when slip and fall hazards may increase. Make sure the walkways are free of debris, and if possible, consider installing railings for additional support. Non-slip mats in the bathroom and kitchen can offer further precaution.

With the possibility of power outages during winter storms, an emergency preparedness kit is advisable. This should include essentials like a flashlight, warm blankets, water, food, and any necessary medications. It's better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Senior Helpers Offers Premium Care and Support

The change in seasons requires a bit of preparatory work. However, these necessary tasks can guarantee a safe, comfortable, and warm environment for our senior loved ones over the winter months. 

For families living in Artesia, Cerritos, La Mirada, and Lakewood, calling in professionals for some of these larger jobs may be beneficial. Senior Helpers specializes in providing these services. Our staff is trained to ensure your loved ones' homes are ready for the colder months. Contact us today to learn how we can help your family prepare for winter. We offer premium senior care services to adults of all needs and lifestyles!