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Planning Out the Year Ahead for Seniors

The older we get, the more critical it is to plan out important events and future lifestyle changes. Planning factors such as budgets, home environment, transportation, and more can help us stay organized. Additionally, this helps us not forget anything and relieves any stress we might otherwise incur. 

Budgeting: Many older adults live with a limited income; therefore, budgeting for the year is essential. We've developed a few tips to guide you in beginning your yearly budget. Creating a monthly expense worksheet can help you get a good idea of what costs are fixed for each month and what costs can be adjusted if they create a deficit in your income.

Searching for senior savings programs or government benefits can help limit the costs coming from your fixed income. These may include nutritional assistance, housing assistance, or other federal and state discount programs.

Decide what hobbies you are interested in doing - this will allow you to allocate money for these new hobbies without breaking the bank. Sometimes we get excited about new hobbies but spend too much of our budgets on them, so pre-budgeting is helpful.

Home Safety: Many older adults incur injuries in their homes. These injuries can cause lifestyle adjustments, long-term medical conditions, and higher medical expenses, to name a few. Creating a plan to make your home safer can help prevent injuries. You may consider removing clutter, being mindful of area rugs and other trip/fall hazards, adding railings or support systems, installing fire safety devices, installing life alert devices, eliminating the need to go up and down stairs often, and installing floor grips on slippery surfaces.

By planning out the changes to be made, and when, you can lower the chances of getting injured in your own home this year.

Transportation: Being a senior typically comes with frequent health checkups to make sure everything is operating correctly. Transportation can be challenging for many older adults. They may not drive at all, are starting to feel uncomfortable driving in inclement weather, or have issues driving at night. Planning how you or your loved one will get to and from places on time can help relieve you of stress. You may want to consider options such as Uber, public transportation, fellow loved ones transporting you, or even hiring a caregiver through senior care services such as Senior Helpers of Glendale, AZ.

Caregiving: The most important thing to plan out for the new year is senior care. Questions that you may want to ask are:

  • "Can the older adult get to locations on their own?"
  • "Do they have trouble remembering what they're doing?"
  • "Are they able to take care of themselves to their best ability?"

If any of these questions make you think of yourself or your loved one, it might be the year you contact Senior Helpers of Glendale, AZ, or take our "Is Caregiving Right for me?" quiz.