Smartphone Apps That Track Health Data Can Help Seniors Stay Fit and Monitor Their Conditions
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Serving Hot Springs and surrounding areas.
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Smartphone Apps That Track Health Data Can Help Seniors Stay Fit and Monitor Their Conditions

Smartphones have revolutionized the way many of us access information and manage our lives. Thousands of apps are available to manage health care, diet, exercise regimens, and more—all from a mobile device or computer. Senior citizens, who may find in-person management of their health overwhelming at times, can take advantage of technology that provides convenient and personalized help for managing both fitness goals and tracking existing health conditions. 

The Benefits of Smartphone Apps for Seniors

There are many potential benefits to seniors utilizing smartphone and app technology for health care purposes. 

  • Tracking diet and exercise: Smartphone and internet-based apps can help seniors track their goals with nutrition, weight loss, or fitness routines. By keeping count of every bite they eat or tracking each mile they walk, they can stay motivated while monitoring progress towards personal milestones. 
  • Tracking and monitoring health conditions: For those dealing with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, or heart disease, being able to track the symptoms on a daily basis over time can be invaluable for managing overall well-being. With an app, it is possible to coordinate medications more effectively by creating personalized reminders set at appropriate intervals throughout. Monitoring devices that connect to those apps can also prove helpful.
  • Access to health information: Apps can provide deeper insights into overall health and wellness, including information about the progression of seniors' symptoms over time. 
  • More information for doctors and care providers: Apps that upload data directly onto digital medical records make it easier for clinicians treating elderly patients. Doctors may also refer back to health data to help with ongoing treatment efforts. 

Popular Smartphone Apps for Seniors

Among the many apps available to help seniors manage their health and wellness, here are some of the most popular. 

  • Fitbit: A well-known fitness tracking app, Fitbit allows users to monitor calories burned through the activity as well as heart rate. It also encourages healthy competition with other users that may help motivate seniors to stay active and exercise.
  • MyFitnessPal: This calorie-counting app helps people track what they are eating as well as recommend nutritional habits with suggested recipes based on food preferences or any dietary restrictions. Users can even scan barcodes for automatic nutrition information additions into an online diary so that meals can be tracked easily over time. 
  • HealthTap: HealthTap connects elderly patients directly with a licensed physician from anywhere in the world that can provide free medical advice by answering questions about inflammatory conditions or follow-up care needs for common medical issues. 
  • CareZone: CareZone enables individuals with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, COPD, and diabetes to have reminders set up when medications need refilling or when specific symptoms associated begin showing again, signaling perhaps it is time to attend a doctor's appointment.

Does Your Loved One Need More Help Than an App Can Provide?

An app can provide a great deal of monitoring and support for many seniors. Unfortunately, sometimes, seniors may need more support than an app alone can provide. An in-home caregiver can issue reminders that an app might not provide or monitor symptoms that an app might not notice. For seniors living in Hot Springs Village, Garland, Montgomery, Hot Springs, Clark, and Saline County, Senior Helpers Hot Springs can provide those services. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home care options.