6 Ways to Help Your Senior Loved One Celebrate Memorial Day
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Serving The Kenai Peninsula and surrounding areas.
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6 Ways to Help Your Senior Loved One Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special time to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. As this meaningful day approaches, you might be looking for ways to include your senior loved ones in the celebrations. Here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Attend Local Events Together

One of the best ways to involve your senior loved one in Memorial Day celebrations is by attending local events like parades and memorial services. You want to find accessible seating for seniors and bring along any necessary items like water, sunscreen, or a hat for protection against the sun. You might also consider contacting event organizers to inquire about accommodations for people with mobility issues.

2. Participate in Virtual Events

If attending in-person events is not feasible for your senior loved one, consider participating in virtual events like online parades or memorial services. These events can typically be found on social media platforms or local community websites. To make the experience comfortable for seniors, set up a cozy viewing area and offer assistance with navigating the online platforms.

3. Share Stories and Memories

Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to engage with your senior loved one by encouraging them to share their memories or stories about family members who served in the military. This can foster a deep sense of connection and create opportunities to learn more about your family's history. Additionally, consider recording these stories to preserve them for future generations.

4. Watch War Documentaries or Movies

A thoughtful way to engage with your senior loved one on Memorial Day is by watching war documentaries or movies together. You can choose age-appropriate and engaging films that can spark meaningful conversations and evoke memories of the past. Make the viewing experience comfortable by preparing a cozy spot with ample seating and good visibility of the screen.

5. Visit a Local Veterans' Cemetery or Memorial

Taking your senior loved one to visit a local veterans' cemetery or memorial can be a poignant and meaningful way to commemorate Memorial Day. When planning, ensure the site you choose is accessible for seniors and provides ample opportunity to pay respects, share memories, and place flowers or flags on gravesites.

6. Write Letters or Create Care Packages for Active Military Members

Involving your senior loved one in creating care packages or writing letters for active military members can instill a sense of purpose and contribute to the greater good. Research organizations that facilitate sending such packages and engage your senior in the entire process.

Senior Helpers of the Kenai Peninsula Helps Seniors Celebrate Memorial Day

Involving your senior loved one in Memorial Day celebrations is a beautiful way to honor the sacrifices of those who have served while creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Be creative, considerate, and respectful when commemorating this important day. 

If you're looking for assistance in caring for your senior loved one in Soldotna, Anchor Point, Anchorage, Homer, Kenai Peninsula, Kaslof, Kenai, Moose Pass, Ninilchik, or Seldovia, don't hesitate to reach out to Senior Helpers of the Kenai Peninsula.