Spring Preparation
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Serving Thousand Palms and surrounding areas.
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Spring Preparation

With the warmer weather approaching, it is time to get out and enjoy the sunny days.  As the days get longer, it makes for more time spent outdoors with family and friends.  There are many activities senior citizens can enjoy outside that are fulfilling without being too physically demanding.  For many seniors, the ideal spring day would involve a leisurely stroll outdoors.  Bird watching and walks are a great way to enjoy the splendors of nature while also getting in some light exercise. 

Finally, sunshine and warm weather is coming.  Have you started preparing?  Of course, there’s always some spring cleaning to worry about like cleaning out flower beds, hosing off front porches and tidying areas of the home that have been neglected through the winter; but that’s not the only way you and your aging loved one can prepare for warmer weather and more time outdoors.  Ask your client what their favorite springtime activities were when they were younger.  Recreating these pastimes is a great way to generate positive memories and happy feelings, as well as get your senior outdoors and active.

For starters, try walking down memory lane with your senior loved one.  Sit down and ask your aging loved one what they looked forward to the most about springtime.  Perhaps your client is a baseball fan.  Take them out to a ball game.  Did your client go fishing with their parents on the weekends?  Take them to a local pond or lake.  Gardening is a great activity for seniors that enjoy reaping the fruits of their labor.  Light work in the garden is an excellent way to exercise while also keeping their mind active.  This can be enjoyed all spring and summer long.

With a variety of free and enjoyable spring activities available because of warmer weather, it is necessary to make it happen for your elderly loved one.  Start planning.  Find local places that host senior activities.  Try community centers or libraries in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells.  The more, the merrier, so get others involved. 

Stop by a local farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables.  When back at home, pull out the grill and prepare a fresh, clean-eating meal with your senior loved one.  Throw on a playlist of music from their generation and watch the joy as you whip up something delicious together. 

Family get-togethers at the park or barbeques with friends are great ways to interact with others while being outside this spring.  Seniors enjoy spending time with their adult children and grandchildren at these events that make for a perfect spring afternoon. 

When you find an activity that pleases your aging loved one, keep it up.  Don’t stop at just one baseball game or fishing trip. Make it a weekly tradition for you and your senior loved one.  This is a great way to get out of the house for both of you and for you to bond with your elderly companion. 

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Spring Preparation