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Serving Thousand Palms and surrounding areas.
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Serving Thousand Palms and surrounding areas.
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Labor Day and In Home Help

As our loved ones age, we may begin to wonder how we can improve and possibly even extend their lives.  If your loved one is experiencing difficulty with performing some of their daily tasks without assistance, or if they are struggling with their limited abilities in physical activity, there is no need to worry that they are not getting the stimulation they need.  Studies have proven that there is no need to perform vigorous activity to extend or enhance a loved one’s life.  Productive activities have been shown to have the same effect on the now elderly, the soon-to-be-elderly, and the emerging baby-boom-elderly health as physical activity such as exercise and may even slow the aging process in seniors. 

Some productive activities that are relatively easy to handle include rinsing, wiping, putting laundry in drawers, putting away unused dishes, and other low energy household activities.  If your loved one is still relatively active and can perform more complex activities, you can look to assisting them with getting the mail, setting the table, wiping windows and mirrors.  Some families find that recommending that their loved one volunteer to be very beneficial.  Volunteering helps seniors stay involved in their communities.  In most cases, volunteering helps seniors to maintain mental well-being.  According to a recent study, seniors who volunteer in social programs not only maintain good brain function, but their brain function and cognitive ability may actually increase. 

The key to improving an elderly loved one’s outlook and quality of life is to encourage them to maintain rich, diverse, and engaging lives.  Staying physically fit is an important component, but engaging in social and productive activities is equally important for satisfaction and increased longevity.  Productive activities provide many benefits to seniors.  Seniors tend to pay attention, participate and learn better from sensory based activities.  You will notice with productive activities that your loved one experiences a decrease rate of accidents, fear and anxiety.  These activities also improve the social skills of your senior loved one and enable them to communicate their emotions.  You will notice that your loved one also feels more confident to make the right decisions when presented. 

With the arrival of Labor Day, we are starting to see signs of fall.  You work hard every day.  Celebrating Labor Day with an excuse to pamper yourself as you say farewell to summer is well deserved.  If treating yourself to a spa treatment, time away, or new hairstyle, there’s no better way to greet fall than with a fresh perspective after a weekend way from distractions and daily demands.

With the kickoff of college and professional football, one way to celebrate Labor Day is to throw a viewing party.  Host a potluck lunch with veggie trays, snacks, and finger foods.  Gather some friends around the grill, and celebrate by watching your favorite team score a touchdown!

Celebrating Labor Day doesn’t have to involve a lot of planning.   The holiday usually symbolizes the unofficial end of summer.  Labor Day is a good time to savor every last bit of sunshine and relax in the sun, lay by the shore, and enjoy the last bits of summer.   The three-day weekend is often a perfect excuse to go camping.  Unwinding in the great outdoors is the perfect way to recharge for the upcoming work week.

Senior Helpers of Palm Springs understands that when a family member who suffers from dementia is being taken care of, they have more time for things they enjoy, such as cooking or a visit from a friend.   When your elderly loved one is able to take better care of themselves with the assistance of a trusted caregiver from Senior Helpers of Lansdale they are better able to stay involved in their social circles and community events.  Since Alzheimer’s and dementia also affects the family and friends of someone with the disease, it is important to know that help is available. 

In home dementia and Alzheimer’s care from Senior Helpers of Palm Springs, 760-343-5533, is available to the areas Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells.  Travelling alone to and from events is especially dangerous to those who struggle with dementia.  A trusted caregiver is available to provide transportation to and from local events, appointments and outings.  This will provide peace of mind to you and your family because safety is the number one priority.