Summer is a fun time of the year, but seniors need to beat the heat just like the rest of us.

Between concerts, cook outs, and pool parties, there always seems to be something to do in the summer time. However, finding something to keep your aging loved one entertained AND cool can be a different story. But don’t worry. There is plenty of cool summer fun to be had by all.

Some say summer is best spent outdoors while others wish they could hibernate until cooler weather blows back. Keep in mind that everyone is different so the first thing you want to do it ask your senior what weather they prefer. Then it’s time to start planning. Here’s a little jump start to your planning:

Fishing – Anything involving water over the summer is time well spent. This way you can enjoy the sun, but also be close to water in case you need a cool down. Fishing is especially nice for relaxing and relieving stress. Find a local lake that permits fishing, and take your aging loved one for the day.

Gardening – Help your senior plant a flower or vegetable garden in their backyard. This is a great excuse to get them outside every day. Gardening also allows for short trips outdoors rather than spending hours at a time in the sun.

Shopping - take your senior to the mall to walk around. It is a cool place and nice, bright and air conditioned

Movies- can be enjoyable and cool.

Make sure to apply sunscreen and wear light weight, light colored clothing so you and your loved one can enjoy these hot summer days. And always drink plenty of water.

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