Senior Helpers is very accommodating and the caregivers show good work ethic by coming early to work. You can tell that our caregiver enjoys her job because she really cares for my father. She is very hands on with my father and knows how to anticipate his needs. Senior Helpers has a compassionate staff and are always there to make schedule changes, if needed, right away. ( interview completed with the client's daughter)

James R. February 20, 2016

Senior Helpers was recommended to us by the rehab that my father was in. The caregivers are very respectful and very accommodating to my father's needs. They are always caring and professional. We have care 7 days per week for my father and the consistency in the caregiver is what is key to us. The office staff are always accessible. I would highly recommend Senior Helpers. ( interview completed by the client's daughter)

Porfirio E. February 23, 2016

Senior Helpers has been a reliable company. They follow up with services very well. My husband's caregiver is very proactive and is very helpful. His overnight caregiver allows me to get a good night's sleep and assists me quite a bit.

John K February 19, 2016

I appreciate the companionship of my caregiver. She drives me to my appointments and takes me grocery shopping. I would tell everyone that Senior Helpers is a very responsible company with nice caregivers. The office will call me to see how I am doing.

Veera P. February 20, 2016

Senior Helpers has done a lot for me. There are so many things that I cannot do for myself and my caregiver takes care of all of my needs. My caregiver is working from the minute she comes through the door. I appreciate everything she does for me. The office staff are very nice.

Elwyn S. March 10, 2016

My caregiver is very neat and always looks very nice. She is very good to me and helps me with whatever I ask her for.

Margaret C. March 29, 2016

I appreciate knowing that someone is taking care of my mother. The caregiver spends a lot of time with her. She dries her hair for her and makes sure that she gets out of the shower safely. I am most impressed by the attentiveness and care that my mom receives. The office staff will address any questions immediately for us. Senior Helpers has allowed my mother to stay in her home longer.

Joann D. February 22, 2016

Senior Helpers is a good company and would take care of anything. The caregiver that took care of my mother was excellent and good at her job. Their office staff was very responsive.

Lucille M. November 13,2015

I would recommend others to Senior Helpers. My caregiver is friendly and comes when she is scheduled and do the things that need to be done.

Mary W. November 13,2015

I appreciate my caregiver. She is very helpful and does what I need her to do. Anytime I call Senior Helpers they are helpful and always answer all of my questions.

Angelina R. November 13,2015

Senior helpers was very quick in getting us a caregiver for our mother. Our caregiver was very professional and had good knowledge . I like how quickly Senior Helpers responds.

Flo D'Annibale. November 13, 2015

“Our Caregiver has become like family to us. She is extremely compassionate and is always asking us what we need. We can tell that she loves her job. We would recommend Senior Helper’s to anyone”.

Mr. & Mrs. Junious N

“My Caregiver is able to do everything I need her to do. She always shows concern for me”.

Mrs. Angelina R

“My Caregiver always makes me feel safe”.

Sheri J

To Dave, Staff & Senior Helpers,

I wish to thank you for your efforts to see that my wife received the assistance that she needed. I especially want to cite Maimie ( caregiver) for her kindness, expertise and friendship towards my wife and me. Mamie has my recommendation anytime and so do you and your company.

Emilio L - 8/1/14

Dear Dave and Staff,

My family and I cannot thank you enough for always providing us with the care that our father needed. You and your company were so accommodating and attentive to all of his needs. With our deepest gratitude,

John Z - 4/6/15


To the staff and caregivers of Senior Helpers, Thank you for providing our family with caring, competent women during Mom's final week. We were able to rest easily knowing that she was in good hands.

Eileen and the family of Ester H.


I can't sleep until I let you know how blown away I am by the professionalism, and care shown by your company already towards myself and my mom. First, your calls during your time off, followed by lovely Vanessa who made an instant connection with mom. This morning, I find mom beaming as she was walking down the hallway with Laurie and, finally, I belatedly checked my voice mails on my drive home to find a message from Pam describing the plan and all that she had found thus far. During this new chapter with mom, it is beyond comforting to know that people are there for you when you need them.


My mother is being moving onto the Memory Care Unit the beginning of next week. We appreciate the assistance Senior Helpers has provided this past month. Again, thank you for your help in keeping our Mom safe.