Professional and Dependable Local Caregivers

Choosing the right home care options for your family.

When it becomes necessary to seek in-home assistance for a senior family member, whether on a daily basis or for monthly visits, success hinges on finding just the right caregiver in your area. And while each client may require a different level of help, they all deserve the highest level of responsiveness, compassion and expertise.

Personalized senior care: it’s all about the individual.

At Senior Helpers we match caregivers to clients based on their specific personalities, experience and skill sets, and we have a proven track record of hiring compassionate and dependable employees.

We understand that this life stage can be a major change to a senior’s lifestyle. And for them to continue to feel happy and independent, they must be completely comfortable with their caregiver. Fortunately, with your input and our proven selection process, we are able to determine the caregiver relationship that is right for you and your loved one.

Professionalism you can trust: it’s what sets us apart.

Allowing a caregiver into your loved one’s home is a major decision that requires ultimate trust. Thanks to our demanding hiring requirements and stringent local supervision, you can feel 100% confident in every staff member we place. Senior Helpers hires caregivers based on their professionalism, enthusiasm and compassion for seniors. Each and every caregiver is:

• Hired and employed by us, and never subcontracted

• Licensed (where applicable), bonded and insured

• Thoroughly screened and evaluated in person

This commitment to hiring quality caregivers is one more way we relieve your worry and stress. It is about more than just responding quickly to your needs, it is about finding respectful, courteous professionals to put your mind at ease.




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$250,000 for the families and caregivers of seniors.

We here at Senior Helpers sure would like to SEE you. Please stop by the office
to let us see you and give you hugs (chocolate) for all that you do!

Teepa Snow coming to Dunn NC. May 19, 2015

More information as the date gets closer.

Do you have any interesting tips or tricks to care giving that you would like to
share? We all need to learn safe and effective ways to care for our clients. From talking to cooking to moving. We are excited to announce our new “SAFE
LIFT” program. You will be receiving a call in the near future to participate in
this training to keep you and your client safe.

RUBY: Gem of the month. So what is a ruby… The Ruby is
considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the
diamond, and the emerald. Fine motor skills are lost or stops in the mouth,
eyes, fingers and feet. Difficult to stop and difficult to get going. Along with
limited visual awareness. Likes to pick up objects, (hold, carry, push, wipe,
rub, grip, squeeze, pinch, and slap). Rhythmic movements and actions.

February Birthdays:Senior Helpers Anniversary
Happy, Happy Birthday!Thanks for being with us!
Pam Chamberlain 2/2 
Twayna Brown 2/6Melissa May 3 years
Rylee Stokes 2/9Melissa Giedemann 1 year
Judith Ammar-Thiel 2/10Karen Horne 4 years
(Total of candles would be 199) 

Caregiver of the month
Congrats to Zahara the caregiver who
has gone far beyond giving care.
She is a great example of “Team Player’
The care she gives truly comes from her HEART!
Thanks Zahara for all the you do.

Recipe of the Month
Cherry Delight

Graham cracker crumb (1 pkg smashed)1 8 oz cream cheese soften
1/3 cup sugar2 pkg envelopes of Dream Whip
1 can of cherry pie filling1 cup milk
1/3 cup butter 

Place melted butter into smashed graham crackers and spread, pat into a 13x9 cake pan. Set aside. Now mix, Dream whip and milk until thick (like it says on box) then add Soften cream cheese and sugar, beat until smooth. Pour on top of graham crackers and then place cherry pie filling on top. Refigerate for about 2 hours then serve. ENJOY