About Senior Helpers Management and Staff:

At Senior Helpers in Evanston we have an ethic: We give all to our clients, and we give all to our caregivers. We support each other. Around Senior Helpers in Evanston it is understood that we all matter. That is exhibited from the top down and we see it from the bottom up. We are talking “Do unto others” here, and we find that we are getting the kindness returned. Our caregivers know that they are valued, and sense of care and value extends from us to your family.


Jonathan Wishnick, Owner

Jonathan opened Senior Helpers of Chicago and Senior Helpers in Evanston so people who need assistance would get well trained, well managed, and smart assistants, and as a tribute to his mother. Jonathan’s mother, Maxine, had multiple health issues (heart attacks, stroke, Emphysema, and the loss of movement of her left shoulder due to an auto accident), yet she led a very full life. At many times over the last 15 years of her life she needed assistance and eventually Jonathan decided to open Senior Helpers. Jonathan makes sure that we treat every client with the same respect and care as Maxine would have expected and deserved.


Cody Temple, Director of Operations

Cody Temple was a caregiver in his 20’s in Maine. He was in charge of his floor in the facility, and eventually managing the Alzheimer’s unit. He moved to Chicago, joined Senior Helpers, and has helped us grow to become Chicago’s most responsive home care agency. Because of Cody's experience rising from the ranks of caregivers, he knows all aspects of excellent care. Cody has also become an expert in Long Term Care Insurance Policies, and he makes sure our client’s interactions with their insurers are exactly correct. Last, Cody is not only a manager, but an intuitive and wonderful caregiver. Cody’s knowledge and his dedication to our clients has created a culture of superior care at Senior Helpers which is clearly felt by our clients and their families.


Lauren Chappell, Community Relationship Coordinator

Lauren has worked in the eldercare field for many years. Lauren was the Resident Engagement Coordinator at Silverado Senior Living before coming to Senior Helpers in Evanston. Lauren meets with prospective clients and their families and will help families with a free assessment, along with recommendations. Our clients love Lauren.


Jonathan Tague, Client Services Manager

Jonathan Tague has worked as the Senior Services Case Manager at The Center on Halsted, and Program Coordinator at Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly. Now, Jonathan has brought his managerial skills and sensitivity to Senior Helpers in Evanston. Jonathan makes sure that we provide great service and understanding to our clients and their families.


Ruth Wilson, Staffing Manager

Ruthie makes sure that the right caregiver / personal assistant gets placed with the right client. She works in conjunction with Lauren to match personalities, schedules, and skills to make that perfect interaction between client and caregiver. When you talk with Ruthie you will find that you will have a smile on your face!


Bathusi Musa, Human Resources Coordinator

Bathusi was one of our star caregivers, started working in the office, studied HR at DePaul, and now handles the process of onboarding new caregivers to the team. Because of her diligence and care we have the best staff in Evanston.


Sola Sanni, Weekend Supervisor

Sola was one of our star caregivers, started working in the office, does scheduling and is our Weekend Supervisor. Sola has done it all, and is prepared to handle anything that comes our way.


Mary Hickman, Receptionist

Mary is the gentle, sweet voice you hear when you call us. Mary was also one of our star caregivers and occasionally fills in when a caregiver is needed quickly.


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