I am so appreciative of the wonderful care your staff gave to my Dad. Thank you so much.

Char, Jacksonville, FL


Thank you for your time to visit with my mom and I at our home. Your staff, caregiver Jessica was so nice and willing to offer the services needed to help care for my mom. We are happy to have your services help meet our needs.

Ros and Judy, Jacksonville


Dear Sheree, Nancy and Jennifer, Thank you so much for the cards and the beautiful fall flower arrangement you sent in remembrance of my mom. We really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness so much. Thank you for taking such good card of my mom and dad during the years. Senior Helpers is such a blessing to us. God bless you.

Emily and family.
Fleming Island, FL


Dear Sheree, It was and still is a pleasure meeting you last week. You have been a God send in our lives and showing us the ropes regards to our parents.

Thank you,
Cia Jacksonville, FL


Thank you for your wonderful service. Dad really enjoys Matt.

Stuart, Fleming Island FL

Hey Sheree

Just wanted to take a sec and let you know how pleased we are with our team. In the last week, several stories and situations have occurred that have brought home - again- how blessed we are. Let me share a few of them with you as I know the ladies haven't.

This morning, Michelle texted me the phone number of a scammer that has called Dad 6-8 times in last 24 hours. She was very complimentary on how dad handled it and we successfully blocked that number. WIN

Last week, Emily contacted Rachel as Dad was giving out his credit card number to a "help Ive fallen " company. I immediately called and cancelled. When I questioned Dad with "Dad you have caregivers. Why do you need that?" Well I don't have them 24 hours. "dad when was last time you fell at night?" "same day I fell during day"

When Dad insisted on relaying the brick on his walking path - in the pouring rain, Lisa sweetly stood out there holding an umbrella over his stubborn head.

When Dad casually mentioned (at 9PM) that he was heading out to his shop to work, Michelle told him he couldn't go out there at night. Cue grumpy old man. Folded his arms across his chest and muttered under his breath -loud enough for her to hear - "well I'll just wait till she leaves cause she wont know if shes not here will she?"

Michelle walked over put her hands on his shoulders to impress on him the importance of what she was saying. Told him "I cant leave if youre not safe. How long do I have to sit here tonight, away from my family?" Dad huffed, smiled and promised to stay inside. Michelle knew just how to coax him out of his stubborn bad mood.

Contrast these with our experience with my mother in law: She has been in and out of hospital 8-10 times just in 2017 alone . She on oxygen 24 hrs level 4. She now has 24 hr private caregivers and shes in assisted living. Last Friday, we went to see her and she had her canula on but was still gasping. Someone had turned her O2 off when she went to dinner and not turned it back on. Plus her portable oxygen battery was stone dead. Ed (my husband) called Home Instead and told them to NEVER cut her O2 off. Sunday night, midnight CNA from nursing home (not her private caregiver) called to say her O2 had been turned off again, she had been without O2 for 5 hours, her blood stat was 82 and her pulse rate 185. They were ambulancing her if they couldn't get her stabilzed. Note private caregiver was there. Ed lays awake all night now. Goes to see her at 5 AM, Caregiver sound asleep with TV blaring. Mother in law, sitting up in bed wide awake, no O2, Ed gets his mom hooked up again and caregiver finally wakes up. Ed tells her, "no no, don't let me disturb you. Please go on back asleep." AND SHE DID.... apparently caregivers routinely blared NICKELODEON all night in tiny 15 x 10 room while their patient tries to sleep. And she doesn't see an issue with this?

I know this is a long email, but as all 3 of our ladies have been doing a wonderful job, I really wanted to say, cudos to you and your selection/ screening team for your good work.

Laura B.