Summer can be a fun time for everyone.  The weather is generally better and people tend to spend more time outside.  When you are older, the activities are a little more restricted, but there is no reason to think that you cannot enjoy the summer months.  When the weather gets hot and humid the general perception is that older adults stay inside and cool.  Seniors are way more prone to the effects of the heat including heat exhaustion and other heat related illnesses.  Staying active and cool at the same time might not seem like it is that easy, but these activities that seniors can enjoy in the summer are low impact and can be done indoors at the same time.  Keeping a your loved one engaged and active throughout their senior years can be difficult, particularly because they tend to not have a job they go to daily, so you have a lot more time to try and fill for them.

Indoor activities can keep the brain fresh and seniors busy throughout the day, while at the same time allowing them to stay cool and out of the direct summer sun.  Activities like scrapbooking, or just the general organization of photos.  If there is a holiday coming up, you could put together a nice memory book and share that with the family when they are all together.  You could plan ahead for those holidays by organizing gift lists, address books and sending out holiday greeting cards.  Family and friends love to get cards on the holidays and anytime throughout the year is a good time to organize them and get them ready to send out in the mail.  You could send some photos along with the cards so others can enjoy the memories with you.

You could read a book that interests you.  Many times, books can be quite long and if you have one that peaks your interest, you could challenge yourself to read it over the 3 summer months.  If reading is not very easy to do, you could consider audiobooks.  They are becoming more popular these days and allow a person to hear the entire book as it is read to them through headphones.  Audiobooks can be stored on a computer, tablet, smartphone or iPod for your convenience.  There are free programs online for senior’s that want to checkout audiobooks for free.  If the act of reading is still enjoyable, but the text is too small, you could consider getting books that are printed with larger words that are easier to see for someone with poor vision.  Allowing seniors to use technology is also a great way to keep their mind sharp and fresh with the changes that are surrounding them each day.

Music is also another way that a person can enjoy the indoors.  If you enjoy music, have someone put together a CD or playlist on the computer of all of the types of music that you enjoy.  With so much music available on the internet these days, it would be a good time to learn how to find it and save it to disc for your enjoyment.  Just about all songs that were ever produced can be found, so there are few genres that you cannot find.  Take some time and make a list of songs that you would like to listen to and have someone get them for you.  Music is a great stress reliever and can ease you into the end of a long day.  Blank CDs are also a great place to store old photos, which makes them easy to view and move around if needed.

Television might be hard to enjoy these days for older adults, but that does not include movies that come to the local theater.  If there is one that gets your attention, make plans to check it out at the local theater.  When you plan it, keep in mind that afternoon pricing is generally cheaper and that is a good way to enjoy the day without spending more than you have to.  Many theaters have air conditioned theaters so you are free from the summer heat once you get inside.  While you are out and about, it might be a good time to get a little shopping in.  Retail therapy can be soothing for some and stopping by your local bookstore with a coffee can be the perfect afternoon summer activity.  If the shopping center is located to a restaurant you like, there is no reason you cannot stop for a quick bite as well.

Checking into a local senior center is also a good way to keep busy through the summer months.  Many times, senior centers have activities planned all throughout the day and they are planned with older adults in mind.  You could take an art course, computer classes or even a language lesson and typically they are quite affordable, or even free.  Senior centers could also offer other activities like dances, outings to various local areas and even trivia nights.  Other activities for the summer might include exercise and just keeping active in general.  If your body can handle it, getting low amounts of exercise is a great way to keep motivated and healthy later on in life.

Local YMCA’s have general swimming and water aerobics classes that you could join.  They are good for the heart, mind, muscles and joints.  Joining a gym might not be number one on your list, but you could walk around the neighborhood or on a treadmill to get your exercise in.  Mall walking is a great way to get out, meet new people and get exercise at the same time.  Many malls will open the doors to the building early so that you can walk without being outside.  This allows to walk any day of the year and not have to worry about summer heat, cars and dogs that you might encounter on a walk.

As you can see there are many things that seniors can do during the summer.  Staying active is very good for older adults and this list is only the beginning.

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