Well known comedian and actor, Seth Rogan recently appeared before Congress to stress the importance to Alzheimer’s research. With little bits of humor thrown in throughout his speech, he approached members of congress with the story of his mother in law and how he has watched her suffer from the disease.

It was touching to see how passionate he was about the subject and how much he wants to see a progression in research. He made his presentation very relatable, even to people that have never had any experience with Alzheimer’s or dementia in their own lives. Of course, it is Seth Rogan, so that is to be expected.

He carried his story from the first time he met his mother in law with his wife mentioning that something was off, through her diagnoses soon after, to a much more serious progression of the disease. His mother in law was once a well-respected teacher but had been reduced to a shell of a person that did not remember who she or anyone else was, how to speak, how to dress herself, or how to use the restroom on her own.

It’s not that people don’t know what the disease is or what it can do to a person that was effective in this situation. It was the fact that a well-known celebrity that does not usually put himself in many serious situations would go out of his way to fight for something that had taken a toll on his life. It was him bringing himself down to a relatable level and humanizing himself that really shows that this is a big deal.

Sadly, only a few members of Congress were there to hear his speech. He later addressed his disappointment in them on Twitter, which may have gotten just as much attention as his actual speech did. The lack of attendance really shows how much the government cares about this issue.

Seth is doing everything he can to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. He has made it clear that he is appalled that more is not being done to find treatment for the disease, let alone a cure. He has started his own organization for research funding called Hilarity for Charity. The charity is supported by him, his wife and a few of their friends.

He also mentions that he sees the social stigma around Alzheimer’s to be similar to that of which cancer had a few years ago. Similar approaches by celebrities are what brought people around to joining together to fight for cancer research. Efforts like this are what need to be done in order to push the initiative to combat Alzheimer’s, a disease that impacts an overwhelming percentage of our population.

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