Hello Jim and Elizabeth, I have to tell you that your workers you send to take care of Helen F. are top notch. They are working long shifts and without complaints. This past weekend I spent about an hour with Carolyn (age 21, nursing student). What an amazing person. I had to write and let you know what a great job she did. She was at the end of her 12 hour shift and was very cheerful, caring, and competent. We love Gloria and Ann and we have been missing Eunice lately. We are getting to know some of the newer caretakers like Vera too, she has been a big help. They are all good, just can't recall all their names. I know people are quick to write to complain so I thought I would offset that by telling you that you run a first rate operation.

Keep up the good work!

Sue C., Helen's friend

When I became suddenly ill, I didn't know where to turn. I found your number when I went to Emerson Physical Therapy. When you came to my home I knew I made the right call. You have a very warm and compassionate staff. The person you sent to help me gave excellent service and made me feel so comfortable. Even with a last minute phone call it was great to know I could still get help. I will definitely recommend Senior Helpers to all my friends and family.

Thank you so much for being there for me.

Donna L.

I am sending this email to express my sincere gratitude for your efficient and professional service offered in our time of need. When we found out my Dad was going to be admitted to the rehab facility for 9 weeks, my mother needed daily care immediately. Senior Helpers was able to provide us with a wonderful, enthusiastic caregiver the very next day! The caregiver was very reliable, efficient, and caring. My mother grew very fond of her quickly, as did I. The owners of the company, Jim and Elizabeth, were always available for immediate consultation and provided whatever help I needed. Definitely could not have done it without them!

Lisa M. 

Little did I think, two years ago, I would need someone to help me with my housework and do my errands.  You sent me a wonderful caring “angel”.  She is very efficient and goes out of her way to help me.  I will recommend your company to any of my friends.

Yours truly,

Pauline G.

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided for my mom and dad.  Your staff was caring, loving and patient; first of all to my mom who required 24/7 care.  I always found my mom with a smile on her face looking wonderful and cared for with loving hands.  Their home was always cleaned and their meals made with great care.  I never had to worry about my mom not being attended to, which was most important to our family.  We were able to keep her home until she passed away in April.  You continued with a wonderful health aid for my dad.  They have become just wonderful friends, and dad just loves her cooking.  Senior Helpers has been excellent.  If there were any issues, I would receive a call or email right away.  I would recommend Senior Helpers to anyone that needs home care; they receive and A+ for a great job.  Vin and I THANK YOU very much for giving us peace of mind knowing that my parents were well cared for.

Sharon and Vin I.

You were not only a friend and comfort to my aunt, Lucinda last Tuesday as she was admitted to Lowell General Hospital but, also a great comforter to our family as well.  Thank you for doing more than was expected.


What I like about Senior Helpers is that they send the new person who's going to be helping mom the day before so that mom is never there alone with someone she's never met before. It makes her feel the comfort and safety again. I know it's an extra commitment of time on their part but it makes a huge, huge difference. They were helping remind my mom to take her meds on time. They help her from sitting and standing and vice versa. She can't dress by herself too. They help her get into bed. They make sure that she's comfortable. They're helping her with everything. There's very little that she can do by herself. They've really done a good job so far. My mother is quite a difficult woman. One good thing about them is that they are very low drama to deal with. My mother can be pretty difficult and I never get those panic phone calls I have gotten from the other agencies. It makes a huge difference for me.

Deb M

First of all, when we contacted them, the care was for my dad. He lives in Massachusetts and I live in California. When we were trying to keep my dad at home just the way he wanted. I was in a very, very tough situation because I needed to find someone pretty fast and from a long distance. So I did some research online and contacted the few places I found. Jim himself contacted me immediately and spent quite bit of time on the phone listening to me and my whole situation. He was offering suggestions without a lot of pressure. He provided me with a lot of information that I really needed to know. I set up and appointment with him for the following week when I was going to arrive in Massachusetts. I knew immediately when I spoke with him that this was a company that really cared about their clients and spent some time to help. So I spent 3 weeks with my dad with the caregivers coming in. I had a lot of interaction with the caregivers. I love the caregivers. They really connected with my father. I didn't feel as if they came and to just to a job for a paycheck. I couldn't recommend them any more highly. I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have found this company to deal with my father.

Linda C.

My dad goes to an adult day program and I needed someone to help us so I asked the provider if they have any recommendations. They recommended Senior Helpers and we've been very pleased. We've only had one caregiver. She's been very good with my dad and we've been very satisfied. Anytime I've made a call to change the schedules, I haven't had any issues with anything; they've been very helpful. We had an experience with another company that we weren't thrilled with. I haven't had any problems with Senior Helpers so far. The caregiver comes in during morning or at night. In the morning she makes sure that he gets up, takes his medicine, tests his blood sugar and has his breakfast. She supervises and gets all that going. At night, I prepare meals for him that I freeze and the caregiver makes sure that they are heated and served. They also supervise his insulin because he is diabetic. We've used them for about a year now.

Beverly B.