"Senior Helpers has a kind and compassionate staff. They arrive on time one hundred percent of the time. Anything I ask to have done is done.The caregiver has helped my husband retain his dignity. She lets him do as much as he can on his own and steps in when she needs to." --Cheryl M., Victoria

"Senior Helpers is conscientious and good with giving care to elderly patients. The caregivers also do what you need them to do."  -Nancy L., Victoria

"Senior Helpers is knowledgeable and are willing to work on your schedule.They emphasized whatever hours you need, however long you need them, whether overnight, or anything like that. It is customized for the person that they are caring for." -Lea L., Yorktown

"I don't have family close to call when I need something. Senior
Helpers is like having a real good friend there that I know I can call if I
need something." -- Ada M., Corpus Christi, TX

"All of the caregivers were caring, compassionate and attentive.
I don't think we could have done any better ourselves. Senior Helpers never
failed. They were there when we needed them, understood what we asked for,
and provided what we needed." -- Martha D., Edna, TX

"The caregivers have excellent training and knowledge, they go
above and beyond. Senior Helpers is very professional, and they provide the
communication that is essential to keep you involved with th eservices. You
can depend on them to be your eyes and ears." -- Amber W., Victoria, TX

"Thank you so much for all of the loving care you gave our uncle. You made
his end of life wishes come true. We could not have done it without you
all." -- Pam

"Since we have been associated with your service from the initial phone
call, to signing up and using the service, we have been very pleased."

"I prayed for a miracle and then you and your great ladies came to help me."
-- Ann

"Senior Helpers' knowledge far surpassed that of the other agencies that we met with.
Their client care manager is awesome and so is Senior Helpers. We are so thankful for it."-- Virginia L., Victoria, TX

"The caregivers are all very compassionate. They pay close attention to my parents and interact with them.
They are polite and they do things to keep my parents busy and engaged.
I can call the agency anytime and expect to get in touch with someone.
I would highly recommend Senior Helpers, and I would tell others how dependable the services are.
They are always very accommodating and responsive, and they were very efficient at getting the services that we needed as well.
When I called they had caregivers coordinated within the same day!"-- Carol S., Yorktown, TX

"Senior Helpers promised me compassion and diligence in being on time.
That is how it has been. Everything has been consistent with Senior Helpers.
They are business-like, professional, and will help you in any way that they can.
I don't recommend things like this, but I would definitely recommend Senior Helpers to others."-- Edie T., Victoria, TX