“We're delighted that MG is there to take care of our mom.  She's eating much better and having more regular interaction than we can provide.

I'm also very impressed with the level of service and attentiveness we've received from Simon.  He's a great asset.”


“Today is CC's one year anniversary with my folks.  I have to say that she is the most dedicated and competent person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.  We are truly blessed to have her with us.”


"Wow, what a great group of wonderful people who do a great job! We have only been a client of Senior helpers for two weeks-what a difference in can make in a persons quality of life. Thank you Simon, Steve, Jamie, and Elaina."


“I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your organization of care givers for the wonderful support and extensive services you provided my mother.” “Most importantly, you enabled the family to honor Mom’s wishes that she remain in her home by keeping her safe, secure and happy. Your care-givers were kind, patient and always good companions for Mom. All of this was a tremendous comfort for my brother and me, as we both live in California.” 


“Before any more time passes, we want to put in writing our thanks for the help your organization, Senior Helpers, provided for Doug’s Dad. Our situation is typical of many - Doug’s Dad lived in Michigan and we live in New York State. Caring for the needs of an elderly parent when there is 400 miles between you is difficult.” “You handled the details of having someone with Dad at the appointed time without any stress on our part and the Senior Helper assigned to Dad was awesome.”

Doug and Carol

We employed the services of Senior Helpers of Richmond on and off since the autumn of 2010. The Agency Owners always were very attentive and accommodating to us, listening to our particular situation and always showing professionalism and caring and respect.” “We feel the compassion and real care of the Owners and Workers made Mom’s final months on earth much, much more peaceful and comfortable”  --

Mary Alice

“All that I have worked with have been very pleasant, caring and professional.” “Don’t know what I would have done without them”


“My family and I would like to thank Senior Helpers of Richmond for their assistance in caring for our Mom and Dad. The owners and staff are more than willing to work with the family in creating a care plan that works for everyone. I would like to thank our current Caregiver, she is a special person who always goes “above and Beyond” in giving care and companionship”


“The Senior Helpers were truly a help in our time of need to care for a loved one. The entire staff and all helpers that were sent to my home to care for my loved one were truly well trained and professional in the assignment. They all seemed to go the extra mile to get the job done. I was comfortable to leave my loved one in their good hands when I had to leave my house.”


“It is totally a miracle that you have won over the trust, not only of dad but also of mom, in less than 3 weeks’ time!” When I saw Mom last night, she said, "Courtney is truly amazing!"

Then, Mom began to tell me about your offer to wash Dad's hair & how well it went. I thought I was dreaming to hear her being so accepting of someone's help with what she had always considered to be her job! In fact, she told me she didn't even watch how you did this process today, as she was so busy with her nature artwork hobby today!

Actually, in my opinion, Mom is MORE energetic & more creative than usual today... she thought of a brand new technique that she was experimenting with today, & she was so excited to show me the results this evening!

I give YOU credit for Mom's more relaxed & even more creative day today... because you helped relieve her of some of her stressful responsibilities.

Also, Dad was exceptionally relaxed & personable when I visited after your time with them today! I also feel certain that you help Dad in many ways, because you have genuine interest in him and you have such exceptional expertise in working with seniors with dementia. I think he is and has always had a heightened awareness and appreciation for a person with sincerity and fine-tuned skills, and he continues to be very sensitive to these characteristics in a person, even though he has dementia now. So, this puts you ahead in relating to him well and I'm very thankful!

It's absolutely fantastic to me to think that you were able to simply ask both Dad & Mom if you could try out a new technique you'd learned about washing hair, & they both were so agreeable! It's also wonderful that you & Jamie have discovered such a great way to do this task with dementia patients & that it is such a more appropriate experience for them. 

You can't imagine how special the timing is for this break-through that you had today, because today I have an important meeting with McKendree administration people, who called me in to talk to them. They won't say why, but my guess is that they have more complaints that residents & nurses have made about their misunderstanding of Dad. So, I expect to have to defend Mom & Dad again, as I have to do from time to time. 

But this time, I have your fantastic evidence that Dad not only becomes engaged with activities that you customize for him but also that he is cooperative with you & accepts your help! He was actually willing to accept the help of a caregiver other than mom! This is a major breakthrough and we are so grateful to you!

Furthermore, Mom seems to be very impressed with you & totally trusting! She told me she never even watched how you shampooed Dad's hair, because she was so busy with her artwork! I never expected anyone could gain their trust so fast! But that just proves you are exceptional in every way and they both sense that! We are so lucky to have you on the Dad & Mom Support Team!

Today, you achieved one of our goals - for YOU to take over Dad's weekly hair-wash need!

Now, Mom doesn't have to try to wash Dad's hair, and Dad & Mom don't have to go through the frustrating process of trying to coordinate a Dad shampoo time in Manor Salon...They don't even have to leave the room - in fact; it sounds like Dad didn't even have to leave his bedside with your fantastic "dementia-friendly" hair-wash method!

How wonderful it will be if eventually you'll be able to gain their trust to help with dressing & bathing, too. I can't imagine that it could ever happen, but I'm surely hoping that eventually Mom will be willing to hand over that responsibility to you and I can get out of that role myself, too!

Jamie is definitely right when she said there's no need to rush mom...we just need to give her time with you (the caregiver)!

You are very magical!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Linda for all the family!


"You were a wonderful help on Saturday the 17th, by coming through with a top notch aide for Ron after very short notice. Consuelo was very professional, efficient and attentive, and we note, a lovely woman. She allowed us to relax and enjoy a proud and wonderful family day. Many, many thanks for a job well done!"

Ron and Ann G, Massachusetts

"I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a wonderful event!  A friend told me about Teepa Snow on Sunday, July 8th.  After searching for her online, I found out that she would be in Charlotte on the 13th.  I immediately signed up for the event, and was surprised (and delighted) that there was no charge to attend!  On that Friday, I debated driving the 2.5 hours from Asheville in the rain…I am so glad that I decided to go.  Teepa’s presentation was informative and I loved the hands on, practical aspect.  (especially being Teepa’s partner on stage…what a privilege!)  The information that Teepa shared will be so helpful in the care for my mother (who is DEFINITELY a Ruby).  I can’t wait to pass along what I have learned to my dad and brother."

Thank you again for putting on this event. 


Paula Pound

"I can't sleep until I let you know how blown away I am by the professionalism, and care shown by your company already towards myself and my mom. First, your calls during your time off, followed by lovely Vanessa who made an instant connection with mom. This morning, I find mom beaming as she was walking down the hallway with Laurie and, finally, I belatedly checked my voice mails on my drive home to find a message from Pam describing the plan and all that she had found thus far. During this new chapter with mom, it is beyond comforting to know that people are there for you when you need them."

Jenny, Massachusetts

"My mother is being moving onto the Memory Care Unit the beginning of next week. We appreciate the assistance Senior Helpers has provided this past month. Again, thank you for your help in keeping our Mom safe."

Charlene P, Massachusetts


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