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Serving Richmond and surrounding areas.
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Four Assistive Devices That Make Life With Parkinson’s A Little Easier

Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder that gets progressively worse over time. While the disease presents itself differently in every individual, Parkinson's causes a common set of motor and cognitive symptoms. The motor symptoms may include hand tremors in the upper extremities and a reduced ability to coordinate movement in the legs. The cognitive symptoms may closely resemble dementia.  Living with or taking care of a loved one with presents the spectrum of new challenges that make day to day tasks difficult.

While Parkinson's can be debilitating, it doesn't mean that your loved one can't live a full and productive life. Senior Helpers of Richmond Virginia is here to help. Here are four assistive devices that make life a little easier.

Button Hooks

Because Parkinson's causes such pronounced hand tremors, tasks that require fine motor skills can be difficult, especially dressing. Because people with Parkinson's have decreased range of motion, button down shirts are much easier to put on than t-shirts. Live-in home care providers can help encourage independence by giving their loved one a button hook to help them fasten button-down shirts easily. Button hooks are weighted and easy to hold even with hand tremors, allowing a person with Parkinson's to clasp the button and dress themselves. 

Electric toothbrush

In order to provide consistent senior care, caregivers cannot forget about basic hygiene. An electric toothbrush is a great alternative to a normal toothbrush because it helps encourage the senior to engage in independent hygiene practices. An electric toothbrush is thicker and has more weight, helping the person maintain their grip. The Electric motion helps to counteract hand tremors while doing the mechanical work for you, making personal hygiene achievable once again.

Shower Stool

Standing in a shower can be extremely dangerous for a person with Parkinson's as they are at an increased risk for falls. Using a waterproof shower stool, in conjunction with grab bars and wash mitts, can help provide a safe alternative to personal hygiene.

Weighted Spoons and Plate Guards

Mealtime can be especially challenging for people suffering from Parkinson's, but the good news is that there are a variety of products designed to help them regain a sense of independence while eating. Home caregivers can provide their loved one with weighted spoons that help to counteract hand tremors. You can also attach a plate guard to the side of the plate which acts like a wall that your loved one can push food against. Together, these two assistive devices help provide consistent senior care by giving your loved one a sense of independence during mealtime. 

Care and Companionship

Parkinson's symptoms can rob your loved one of precious independence, but through the use of some simple assistive devices, home caregivers can help give their loved ones their independence back.Senior Helpers of Richmond, Midlothian, Henrico, Glen Allen, Powhatan and the surrounding areas of Chesterfield County can show you how. Please contact us and let us help your loved one age in place happily and successfully.