" Senior Helpers has given me relief knowing I can leave the house when they are there, and I do not worry about my mother."

Katherine R.


"Senior Helpers caregivers have provided a certain level of expertise in bringing some extra concern for my mother to the table."



"Senior Helpers took the time to learn about my mother and get the right caregiver."

Marie S..


" Senior Helpers is just great and do a great job, they call to make sure that everthing is alright and I just love them. "



"Jerald's caregivers show that they care for him because of the words of compassion and attentiveness they give him. "


" Senior Helpers is very professional and goes beyond the call of duty to place the right caregiver with my dad. I have been very impressed by that. They also do a great job at interviewing clients at the beginning of the services. "

Peg E.


" The office is prompt and responsive when we contact them " " The office staff will respond to our needs regardless of the time of day."

Son November 2015


" I wanted someone to be there for my parents that was qualified and Senior Helpers gave me that"

Daughter December 2015


"I would tell others that Senior Helpers has a conscientious office staff, and that they really try to find the best person to take care of my husband."

Wife December 2015


" Senior Helpers gave me total peace of mind once they became acquainted with my loved one."

Wife January 2016


" Senior Helpers is a professional company with well trained , reliable caregivers."

Client January 2016


" I am able to go to work because of Senior Helpers"

Son January 2016


" I enjoy the peace of mind knowing someone is watching my mother who has her best interests in mind."

Daughter January 2016


" Without care my mother would be in a nursing home or assisted living facility. She just couldn't live on her own."

Daughter January 2016


" Senior Helpers has provided me with the comfort in knowing that they will be there to take care of my husband if I am not there."

Wife January 2016


" My husband's caregiver always has a smile on her face."

Wife January 2016


" My grandma wanted to stay in her home and have freedom and Senior Helpers provides that for her."

Granddaughter January 2016


"My father had bypass surgery and needed someone to be with him overnight and during the day when I could not be there. Cheryl was wonderful in choosing the right people for him. All his helpers were very special people and always took care of his needs while respecting his independence."

pamnh December 10, 2013


"An insurance company recommended Senior Helpers to us. We've been with them now for a year and a half. They have always been helpful and supportive. We really don't have many issues but if we had any issues at all, they look into it and work with us. They resolve issues in no time at all.

We had a couple or really good people and we had some that were not giving mother enough personal care. They were good about changing people until we found the one that we were really comfortable with. The girl we have now is really good with my mom. She gives mother the care that she needs. I can say that she does beyond that because she really cares about mother. It's not just a job for her."

Ronda1 December 05, 2013


"I found Senior Helpers in a website and I made contact with me. We had a personal interview and started with with Senior Helpers. They respond quickly when when we call them. We're pleased with the concern that caregivers show to dad. They're very conscientious."

Charles31 December 05, 2013


I am a current client of this provider "When my wife was still alive I had a different in-home care provider. When she passed away, I had to switch to Senior Helpers. Their service is very good. I got a caregiver who's been with me for a quite a while. She turned out very well. She does a good job in taking care of me. She's very qualified with information technology stuff and all kinds of electronics. She's beginning to learn to be a fairly good cook. She prepares my meals for me. She assists me if I have any chores outdoors or anything like that. She keeps the house cleaned up. She also checks out my respirator everyday. I like her dependability; it's very good. I can generally depend on her to be here when she's supposed to. She takes care of things here and she doesn't have to be told. On the administrative side, they're very considerate. "

Julie4 October 10, 2012


I am a current client of this provider "I did some amount of interviews with other providers. Senior Helpers just seemed to be more interested in specifically finding out what my parents needed while the other companies were more like a nursing type of thing. Cheryl's group seemed to really care about finding a good match for my parents. My parents are still on-going with them because we have been using them since 2012. I like them very much. They're easy to communicate with. They're always there if ever I needed to talk to someone. They're pretty good about notifying me if there's a quick change like if something happened to one of the caregivers and they'll have to make a switch really quick. They're good with notifying me about that. They're also good about finding replacements that are a good fit for my parents. The caregivers are just great. They're very attentive and professional. They're kind and patient. My dad has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and my mom deals with a lot of pain. They have different sets of problems with each of my parents but they manage them well. I've been really impressed with what they do. "

Suzanne3 October 10, 2012


I am a past client of this provider "My father had a seizure on a Saturday night around 10:00 pm and they were the only ones who picked up the phone. They were prompt and professional. They were caring toward my Dad. He had dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. They had been really patient with him. They facilitated the co-care with hospice. They were really hand in hand with them. They never failed even if I give them short notice within hours. They would do their best to help me. They would find somebody and send them out which is invaluable. They were just so kind. My father since passed away. They saw me and my dad all the way through the crisis. They were caring towards me, my father and my husband. The managers would check every couple of days to see if they're people are meeting my expectations and they always were. I think they're a wonderful, caring and invaluable service. My father started out in an assisted living facility. As he quickly deteriorated, I started out with them helping me in the assisted living because my father started falling a lot. To put it all together, we have used their service for 6 months now. "

Past Client