When you get older there are many factors that keep you from doing the things that you have always loved to do throughout your life.  Senior citizens are often times subject to limited dexterity, low vision and other physical or mental limitations.  Many seniors still enjoy the sense of accomplishment from creating something that crafts typically provide.  There are so many different types of crafting options available for all ages, but those that are good for people with the limitations listed above are part of a smaller group.  Getting into crafts that you might not have ever been into your whole life can be difficult, but the benefits far outweigh the satisfaction of completing the project itself.  If you live in a senior home of assisted living facility, making crafts can bring people together allowing you to meet new people and helps them feel a sense of belonging.

When you become a senior citizen the odds that you are not working are very good and doing crafts can be a good way to pass the time.  Being creative with crafts can also keep your mind sharp and stimulated fending off the symptoms of dementia.  Working with crafts, you are often times using your hands and as long as you do not have arthritis, it can be a good workout for your fingers.  Another benefit of doing crafts for seniors is the fact that when they create something and watch it develop from start to finish, the effects of depression are found to be less.  Most crafts can be modified so that they are easier to do for those that are older and have limitations.  Most of the time, if you look at a list of craft ideas for children, many of them are suitable for senior aged adults.

Photos and photography might be an easy type of craft for seniors.  Taking pictures can be very fun and associating them with crafts can be even more fun and exciting.  It hardly matters when the pictures are, they could be family photos or pictures of your pets, nature, landscapes or nightscapes.  Either way, any photo can be integrated into a craft project.  Projects like a collage, scrapbook or even photo magnets are easy ways to take printed photos to the next level while create something crafty at the same time.  Many crafts have to do with fabric of some type and those that seniors can enjoy are included.  With a little fabric, some needles, a glue gun, Velcro and some google eyes you can make things that children will love.  For fabrics, there are some tools that one could buy that make the job even easier including a snip loop scissors, floss needle threader and even a magnifying glass.

Creating things out of polymer clay can be very fun and bring the inventive side of your brain to the forefront.  The clay is easy to use and mold into just about any shape that you can think of.  With these shapes you can make any number of things like pencil holders, vases, picture frames, ornaments, beads and even bendable bookmarks.  If you have access to the internet, there are many websites that offer you ideas on what you can do with polymer clay.  The Polymer Clay Superstore is one place you can visit to get everything you are going to need for your project and Sculpey is another site that offers plenty of ideas, supplies and kits that are for sale at affordable prices.  Getting on websites like Pinterest can also get you more ideas that you can use in your crafting.

If you like to make things for your grandchildren, crafts like making paper dolls, scrapbooking and shirt painting are some of the easiest.  Making things personal is one of the best parts about crafts and ideas that you can make personal include rubber stamps, handmade cards, stone coasters, beaded bracelets, votive holders and even custom made pins.  These types of craft ideas are all things that can be done in a short amount of time in case you suffer from arthritis and it might hurt your hands in the long run.  Taking old items and decorating them to look more modern or at least different is another craft idea that you can do with other people.  Gather all of the small clay pots that you have collected over the years, get some paint and start to draw designs on the small pots. 

You could draw little scenes on the pots, or just go with stripes of different colors as long as it is enough to give the clay pot another look.  If you can, knitting and crochet is also a good way to pass the time while making something at the same time.  Many older adults have been knitting for the better part of their life.  Getting the satisfaction from watching a brand new item go from start to finish while you knit gives a great deal of enjoyment to those that knit.  You can make small projects so that your hands are not sore by the end of the day.  Getting ideas and even some templates that people use and post online is a good way to save money while creating something new at the same time.  String art is another way you can express your creative side. 

You can create things in just about any shape, including hearts for Valentine’s Day.  Projects made from string are very affordable and typically do not need that many supplies to get started.

As you can see, there are many ways to pass the time as a senior if you are into crafts.  All of these things are very easy to do and can be done with groups of people so they are perfect if you are living in an assisted living situation.  If your family or retirement home does not have things like this planned, mention it to them as many of the craft projects are easy to setup and complete.

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